The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 758: Real Spiritual Pe
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 758: Real Spiritual Pe

Little Golden Dragon’s cocky voice could be heard, “Boss, it’s not your turn to deal with this kind of character, let me deal with her!”

As it said, it suddenly shot out a fire dragon. Although the fire dragon was not big, it completely evaporated the water snake when it wrapped around the water snake.
Nalan Yurong’s face was full of shock.

Didn’t they say that Nalan Hexi has no cultivation? Then how can she subdue spiritual pet?

To subdue a high-level spiritual, when signing a contract, it is easy to be backfired by the contract, making the martial artist seriously hurt.

Nalan Hexi doesn’t have any cultivation, how can she subdue the spiritual pet? Could it be that His Royal Highness King of Hell helped her?

When he thought of this, Nalan Yurong’s beautiful face was distorted. Everything in her heart and mind was replaced by hatred.

How can Nalan Hexi, a bitch, be favored by the King of Hell? Why is it not me, Nalan Yurong? How am I incomparable to Nalan Hexi?

After the water snake was put out, Little Golden Dragon triumphantly waved its tail at Hexi, “Boss, am I good?”

As soon as it spoke, the other two also popped out of the void.
The first one who came out was Little Dumb Cow. It had always been dumb and silly. When it came out of the void, it didn’t maintain its balance well, and it directly fell with its head touching the ground first.

With short hooves swaying in mid-air, he took a long time to roll over and get up.

However, before he could stand firm, he saw a pink piglet falling from the sky and banging on it again, directly using him as a cushion.

Little Egg raised his head, met Hexi’s gaze, and immediately said with a cute smile, “Mom, we’re here to help you!”
As he said, he stood up quickly and grinned at Nalan Yurong in front of him, “Really annoying, there are so many old women in this place. You all are obviously old and ugly, but you still covet my daddy. Such a character like you, how can you be comparable to my mom? You aren’t even worthy of holding my mom’s shoes. Hmph!”

Little Dumb Cow crawled up in a stagger, trying to learn from Little Egg and staring at Nalan Yurong.

But it was born with a pair of small green bean eyes, no matter how it glared, it didn’t have any deterrence. It made it look more silly instead, making people couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Little Golden Dragon wagged his tail in the air and said, “What are you two guys doing? Didn’t you see how handsome I just appeared? You two stupid look has just ruined my just handsome image. Go back, quickly go back!”
Hexi touched her forehead: Little Dragon, do you think your dumb and cute Tyrannosaurus look is much better than them?

“I don’t want to!” Little Egg held his little paw and said angrily, “I also want to help my mother beat the bad guys, you are not allowed to drive us back, Little Dragon, or I won’t play with you in the future!”

Only then the Little Golden Dragon shut up dejectedly, but he still couldn’t help mumbling, “Then you guys don’t hold me back, I finally got a chance to perform in front of the boss.”

Nalan Yurong looked at Hexi’s three little pets, who were dumb and young. She couldn’t see the slightest spiritual power fluctuations all over her body. Suddenly, she changed from shock to ridicule, “You see, what kind of owner will have what kind of pets; a bunch of waste.”

“Today, I will let you see, what is a real spiritual pet!”
After speaking, Nalan Yurong made a seal on her left hand, and a majestic black panther appeared beside her instantly.

Hexi recognized at a glance, this was a rank four magical beast, and it was also the black mountain panther that was rather powerful among the rank four magical beasts. Its specialty was fast speed and mastered wind and thunder element spells.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》