The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 759: Battle Between Spiritual Pets
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 759: Battle Between Spiritual Pets

As soon as the black panther appeared, it immediately roared in Hexi’s direction with murderous intent in its eyes.

Little Egg covered his nose and complained, “It smells so smelly! Really what kind of owner will have what kind of spiritual pet. Nevermind the master is so old and ugly, even her spiritual pet is so stinky. Carrying such a stinky pet, aren’t you afraid of being stunk to death!”
Little Golden Dragon also sneezed. He said disgustingly, “It’s so stinky, let’s get rid of it quickly, so as not to make our nose suffer!”

Little Dumb Cow was silly. Seeing that Little Egg and Little Golden Dragon were covering their noses, it slowly stretched out its paws to cover its nose too. A word came out of its mouth, “Stinky!”

Little Dumb Cow opened its mind later than Little Egg and Little Golden Dragon. It was only after being Hexi’s spiritual pet and drinking the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, it gradually gained a little wisdom. It could speak a few words now.

Of course, compared to the talkative Little Egg and Little Golden Dragon, it was totally incomparable.

Nalan Yurong was trembling all over by their disgusting words. She waved her hand at the black panther and said angrily, “Tear all these wastes to pieces for me!”
After the black panther got the order, its figure instantly turned into lightning, rushing toward the three little ones.

There was a gust of wind in the room, and there was also the crackling sound of thunder and lightning.

The black panther was already agile, and with the acceleration of wind and thunder and lightning, it was as fast as lightning.

Seeing that the three little ones were too late to react and were about to be torn to pieces by the black panther, Nalan Yurong smiled triumphantly.
However, the next moment, her smile froze at the corner of her mouth.

There was only a loud bang in her ear. The black panther’s figure in the air was suddenly bounced away.

The huge black panther slammed into the shelf, and the things on the shelf fell to pieces.

The black panther also convulsed on the ground. It got up in a stagger after a while, but its sobbing sound was full of pain.
On the side of the three little ones, Little Dumb Cow used the protective shield to knock the panther away. Only now it reacted with hindsight.

In fact, it activated its protective shield with its instinct. It didn’t intend to use such a rough method to punish the black panther.

Little Dumb Cow was depressed, but Little Egg ran over and touched its head. He praised him like an adult, “Little Cow, good job!”

Little Dumb Cow suddenly turned from sad to joy; it had a happy face, which made Little Golden Dragon feel depressed.

Nalan Yurong was stunned.
They are obviously just three palm-size pets without spiritual power fluctuations. Why can they knock back my spiritual pet? My black mountain panther is the spiritual pet of the peak of the rank four magical beasts! Ordinary Meridians Stage martial artists are definitely not its opponent?

Nalan Yurong stared at the black mountain panther on the side and screamed, “Get up now! If you don’t punish them, I won’t let you go after we go back!”

The black mountain panther whimpered. Its body trembled, then it had to cast the gale again and rushed toward the three little ones.

This time, Little Golden Dragon stopped in front of Little Egg and Little Dumb Cow.

When the black mountain panther rushed to his front, he released his powerful dragon demeanor.

The dragon and the phoenix were the kings of the beasts; the golden flying dragon was even the high rank noble among the dragons. Wherever the dragon goes, all beasts will prostrate and worship the dragon.

The black mountain panther’s body suddenly stopped in the air and began to tremble violently.

Afterward, it seemed to be possessed. It slowly bent its knees, crawling in front of the Little Golden Dragon and making a murmur of surrendering sound.


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