The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 761: Vicious Woman
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 761: Vicious Woman

“But, do you think that with these funny pets, you can really escape from my hands? Stop dreaming!”

Hexi pushed aside the table, stood up, and said leisurely, “Who spares whose life, it’s still uncertain yet!”
“Okay! Very good! I will let you know today what is to die without an intact corpse!”

Nalan Yurong took out a pure black magic weapon similar to a compass as she spoke.

As spiritual power was injected into the magic artifact, a cloud of black mist slowly formed above her head. Then, it became larger and larger.

With the appearance of the black cloud, the light in the entire room became dark. The air was also cold.

The hole that was hit by the black mountain panther was also filled by the black cloud.
In the room, the black cloud shrouded everyone, including Hexi and Nalan Yurong.

In the next moment, a patter of rain began to fall below the black cloud.

However, what was frightening was that these raindrops were not transparent water, but black liquid.

The servants of Nalan Mansion, who was fighting with Qing Luan, suddenly screamed horribly when they encountered the falling raindrops.
As soon as their clothes touched the raindrops, they were completely corroded.

And their skin, when it touched the raindrops, it made a sizzling noise as if it was burning.

In just a few moments, these martial artists of the Meridians Stage were wounded, and their bodies were covered with bloody holes corroded by the black rain.

“Miss, save me, save us! Give me the cure!”
Those people rushed toward Nalan Yurong. Although she was also in the rain, the rain seemed to be rejected by the compass in her hand and avoided her, so she had not suffered any damage so far.

Seeing the miserable appearances of those servants calling for her help, Nalan Yurong didn’t see the slightest pity in his eyes.

She ruthlessly avoided the martial artists who rushed over and said coldly, “You can die under this [Death Rain Disc] peerless magic weapons, it is your honor. You should rest in peace!”

“Nalan Yurong, you vicious woman, we came here to help you!”

“Nalan Yurong, how can you treat us this way!!”
Nalan Yurong snorted, “After I smash Nalan Hexi into pieces, I will bury you all well. It is an honor for you all to die for me.”

After speaking, the compass in her hand turned abruptly, and the patter of rain suddenly became denser.

Even Mrs. Nalan, who was overturned in a corner and unconscious, was also affected.

It was just that she woke up in a muddle-headed manner, but she didn’t seem to feel that half of her body was corroded by the rain at all. She even made a silly laughter. She had completely lost her mind.

Qing Luan opened the defensive magic weapon at the first moment when she noticed that the rain had fallen, protecting Hexi and the three little ones under it.

But seeing the horrible state of Nalan Yurong’s guards, she still frowned, “Miss, this rain is indeed a bit powerful. I can already feel the magic weapon being corroded, and its spiritual power has become thinner and thinner. I’m afraid I can’t hold for long! Miss, you run away first. I will stay here and hold…”

“Run? I have [Death Rain Disc] in my hand, where can Nalan Hexi, a bitch, escape? Hahahaha!”
Nalan Yurong laughed arrogantly, “Nalan Hexi, I advise you to stop struggling. The poison in this Death Rain Disc is mixed into the rain. It was refined by my master personally. So far, no one had survived after contacting this poison!”


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