The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 770: It’s So Disgusting
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 770: It’s So Disgusting

Hexi looked at Nalan Zhengze’s leaving back, and she couldn’t help showing a mocking smile.

Nalan Yurong, who was still in the room, stared greedily and hatefully at Hexi. Finally, she couldn’t help asking, “Sister, what is the relic in your hand? Is it the best quality pill of Shengde Hall? ”
Hexi turned around and looked at her with a half smile; she didn’t speak.

Nalan Yurong clenched her fists, trying to maintain her kind and gentle expression, “Sister, you just heard what father said. You have been poisoned by him, and he will never let you go. Father has always been cruel. If you fall into his hands, even if you hand over your mother’s relic, you will never end well. Why don’t you give me that relic!”

Hexi raised his eyebrows, “Give it to you? Why? Just because you just wanted to kill me over and over again?”

Nalan Yurong’s eyes flashed gloomily. She said coldly, “Nalan Hexi, you better don’t be ungrateful. I ask you to hand over the relic because I want to help you. I’m the disciple of Master Xukong, even father has to give face to me. Only I can save you now! If you hand over the relic obediently, I can still plead for you in front of my master. Maybe he will also accept you as a registered discipline, then your future will be very promising!”

“Otherwise, you will wait for the rest of your life to be locked in a dungeon by father and spend the rest of your life in darkness. Which choice is better, don’t you understand it?”
Hexi shook her head and smiled, “Elder sister is right. After seeing you and Nalan Zhengze, I also changed my mind a little.”

“Are you going to give me your mother’s relic?!” Nalan Yurong thought she had finally compromised, and her whole body trembled with excitement, “Quick! Show me those pill formulas!”

Hexi shook her head again and slowly said, “I initially planned to keep you and Nalan Zhengze to slowly torment you two so that you two will die after suffering. But now I have changed my mind, Nalan Yurong, all your behaviors really disgust me. I have decided, you will die now!

As soon as she spoke, the sky full of purple vines whizzed up into the sky, enveloping this small room and isolating time and void.
The guards left by Nalan Zhengze were guarding outside the room, and Nalan Zhengze had never thought that his elder daughter who was at the peak of the Meridians Stage would lose to Nalan Hexi, so he didn’t let those guards in either.

Now, the purple vines covered the hut which meant an enchantment was set up. It isolated sound and movement. Even those guards looked inside, they couldn’t notice any strange.

Nalan Yurong’s eyes widened in horror. Feeling the majestic spiritual power surging at her, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Isn’t that Nalan Hexi can’t cultivate? Didn’t she have no cultivation?

Why is she exuding such a terrifying spirit pressure and showing such a powerful force?

Nalan Yurong desperately backed away, trying to escape. She said in a trembled voice, “You… Who exactly are you?”

Hexi chuckled and did not answer. As her finger channeled spiritual power, the sharp purple vine suddenly rushed toward Nalan Yurong.

Now Hexi’s true strength had reached the terrifying advance level of the Gold Core Stage. Although her cultivation level was still the Meridians Stage, it was definitely not something that an ordinary Meridians Stage cultivator like Nalan Yurong could resist.

She didn’t even have the power to resist Hexi’s one blow.


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