The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 773: Humiliation
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 773: Humiliation

Nalan Zhengze only felt a buzzing in his ears; his heart was full of panic and anxiety.

But he still didn’t believe that his Jiuqu Lingshen Pill would go wrong.
Therefore, he picked up the red medicinal pill and stuffed it into his mouth. However, after the medicinal pills entered the body, the original clear and mellow vitality did not appear as usual.

Has Jiuqu Lingshen Pill really lost its effectiveness?

But why? I obviously used the same refining method!

Nalan Zhengze murmured, “Impossible… it’s impossible for it to be ineffective! How could it be possible! Is this a fake Jiuqu Lingshen Pill? Yes, it must be fake. This is not my Jiuqu Lingshen Pill… …”

Before Nalan Zhengze had finished speaking, Elder Han waved his hand and slapped his face ruthlessly.

Nalan Zhengze was caught off guard. He rolled on the ground hard, knocking his head on the pillar. Blood was streaming out, making him look very embarrassed.

Elder Han looked at him viciously, “Nalan Zhengze, you actually accused me of fooling you with a fake Jiuqu Lingshen Pill, are you tired of living?”
Among the people who came to complain, one of them mingled with the gangsters. When he saw that Nalan Zhengze was being slapped by Elder Han like nobody and he noticed that Nalan Zhengze couldn’t take out any real Jiuqu Lingshen Pill, he suddenly shouted.

“Nalan Zhengze even dared to slander Elder Han. It seems that he is not ready to compensate us for our losses. We might as well smash the Nalan Family to express our anger!”

“That’s right, who knows if Nalan Zhengze can produce the real Jiuqu Lingshen Pill tomorrow!”

“If he can’t take it out for one day, we’ll smash for one day; if he can’t take it out for two days, we will smash for two days until he compensates us for the loss!”
This person’s proposal immediately got everyone’s response.

Martial artists generally had storage devices. Of course, they knew that Nalan Zhengze wouldn’t put too many valuable treasures in the mansion.

But since they were fooled by Nalan Zhengze with fake medicinal pills, it would be good to vent their anger by smashing his house.

Nalan Zhengze was having a chess pain being slapped by Elder Han. Seeing this group of people swarming into his home and smashing everything, he suddenly felt blood surged from his chest and spewed another mouthful of blood.
“Stop it! You guys stop it!”

The group didn’t go to the backyard. They just smashed the front yard of the Nalan Mansion and returned to the main hall with satisfaction.

Elder Han looked at Nalan Zhengze condescendingly and said coldly, “Nalan Zhengze, I will give you three more days. If you can hand over the real Jiuqu Lingshen Pill, then I’ll forget it. Otherwise, don’t blame me Shui Yue Sect for being rude.”

After speaking, he walked away angrily with Shui Yue Sect’s disciples.

The Sixth Prince also walked up to Nalan Zhengze and looked at him contemptuously, “It turns out that the name of the number 1 miracle healer in the Jin Ling Kingdom is fake. If you can’t hand over Jiuqu Lingshen Pill this time, I will report to my Father. Your miracle healer title will be removed from now on.”

After Sixth Prince left, other sects and families ran over to sneer at Nalan Zhengze.

The gangster martial artist even spat at Nalan Zhengze before he swayed away.

Nalan Zhengze stumbled into the messy living room; his body was shaking.

Nalan Zhengze had enjoyed glory for a lifetime. He had never suffered such humiliation.

Jiuqu Lingshen Pill! Why does Jiuqu Lingshen Pill fail?!


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