The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 778: The Death of Nalan Ziyun
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 778: The Death of Nalan Ziyun

“Ziyun, you won’t die! Father won’t let you die, you are father’s most beloved son!”

Nalan Ziyun’s eyes were full of fear and anticipation. He opened his mouth and fed him the medicinal pill.
Father is right, I will not die! I still have a great and bright future.

I still want to revenge on that vicious woman Nalan Hexi!

I still have so many things to do.

As the medicinal pill was swallowed into his abdomen, the cold that was about to take away his vitality faded away. Nalan Ziyun’s face showed a smile of surviving a disaster.

Nalan Zhengze also breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to ask people to come in and carry the young master down to recuperate.

Suddenly, Nalan Ziyun’s face twisted.
Immediately afterward, a purple-green gas filled his cheeks, causing him to twitch and twist.

“Ziyun… Ziyun!!!”

There was a clear look of panic and fear on Nalan Zhengze’s face. He recognized it. This… this is the symptom of the poison I fed Nalan Ziyun.

But, isn’t there obviously still half an hour before it triggers?

There is no cure for this deadly poison, except Jiuqu Lingshen Pill!

He initially had no intention of letting Nalan Hexi’s younger brother live!

He initially wanted to kill An Lingyue’s illegitimate children getting her relics!
But now, this poison was going to kill his most beloved son.

“No… I don’t want to die! Father, save me…save me… save…”

Nalan Ziyun’s hand tightly pinched into Nalan Zhengze’s wrist, desperately trying to ask for help and want to talk.

However, a mouthful of blood surged out, and he rolled his eyes. In the end, his heart stopped beating and he became a dead body.
Nalan Zhengze looked at Nalan Ziyun’s staring blankly with the unwillingness to die, only to feel a buzz in his head.

He stood up suddenly and rushed toward Hexi frantically, “Bitch, it’s you! You killed my son! I want you to pay with your life!!”

The spiritual power of Nalan Zhengze skyrocketed, but his movements were disordered; he didn’t even cast the flying sword.

Qing Luan snorted contemptuously. She stepped forward to fight with Nalan Zhengze.

Although Nalan Zhengze was a martial artist of the Gold Core Stage, he had been immersed in pill refining and the urge to seek glory and prosperity for many years. How could he have time to improve his cultivation?
Qing Luan was also of the Gold Core Stage, but she was carefully and secretly cultivated in the King of Hell Mansion.

The difference in power could be seen at a glance.

After just a few minutes, Nalan Zhengze was knocked to the ground by Qing Luan. He was vomiting blood with a pale face.

He stared at Hexi fiercely and yelled hysterically, “Bitch, do you think you can escape from the Nalan Mansion? Even if I will lose An Lingyue’s relics, I must let you bitch die horribly! I will use your flesh and blood to pay for my son Ziyun’s life!”

As soon as Nalan Zhengze spoke, he suddenly crushed the SOS inscribed jade slip.

Qing Luan glanced at Hexi with a solemn expression, and she was also holding a jade slip, “Miss, do you want me to summon master now?”

Eh-hem…Why do you say like your master is someone who can simply summon here and there?

Hexi coughed and shook her head, “No need, I can feel that the range of this inscribed jade slip is not far away. He probably just summon the elders and guards of the Nalan Mansion. This is just right, it saves me the trouble to eliminate the root of the problem. Now I can solve it once and for all!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》