The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 780: Are You Ready to Pay the Debt?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 780: Are You Ready to Pay the Debt?

Qing Luan glanced at the group of people surrounding the two with a stern look. Her eyes were full of contempt, “Just a bunch of useless people. Only the old man at the intermediate level of the Gold Core Stage is still worth fighting. Miss, let me deal with the old man first.”

“No need!” Hexi took out Li Shui Sword faintly. There was a clear and beautiful voice like a wind sings, “I don’t want to waste time with them. I’ll deal with all of them at once.”
As soon as she spoke, the purple vines suddenly rose from her body.

The vines were like tornadoes. Wherever they went, they smashed the walls and roof of the entire study room.

The flying stones and rubble fell one after another on scattered Nalan Zhengze and others, but none of them fell on Hexi.

Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Shengming were in a panic, but they couldn’t even wipe the dust off their faces. They just stared at Nalan Hexi with horror.

The girl’s figure was weak and didn’t look pretty in appearance, but the crazy surging spiritual power was so powerful that Nalan Shengming trembled in fear.
Nalan Zhengze’s feeling at this time was more frightened and crazier than when he saw Nalan Ziyun’s face under the iron helmet.

No no! This is impossible!

That was Nalan Hexi. Although he tortured her, he secretly instigated the servants to abuse her, watching her live like a pig, he had never relaxed his surveillance on her.

Nalan Hexi is so weak, so incompetent, so useless.

How could she be the one in front who can exude a strong spirit pressure and make me feel desperate!

“You… who are you? You’re not Nalan Hexi, who are you?”

Nalan Zhengze let out a hoarse scream as if to convince the others and himself.
Hexi smiled softly, and the purple vines instantly got back into her body as if they were conscious.

She looked at Nalan Zhengze coldly and sneered cruelly at the father whom Nalan Hexi admired and looked forward to.

“Of course I’m Nalan Hexi, my dear father, you have been monitoring me for seventeen years, don’t you even know me now?”

After a pause, her voice suddenly became cold. The voice was clearly pleasant to ears, but it was strangely cold like it was from hell.
“I’m Nalan Hexi, but I’m not the original Nalan Hexi. The original Nalan Hexi has been forced to death by you animals. Now standing in front of you is Nalan Hexi who has crawled back from hell, are you ready to repay your debt?”

Li Shui Sword rose to the sky after she spoke.

Just before Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Shengming could react, swords rained down from the sky.

Flying Flower Sword Rain, thousands of arrows pierce the heart!

Even in Breaking Spirit Mountain, Hexi’s move could easily kill a rank five magical beast.
What’s more, after experiencing the battle of Breaking Spirit Mountain and cultivated behind closed doors, her current strength was no longer comparable to her previous strength.

The rain of swords all over the sky was like Death taking away their souls.

Before these martial artists could react, the swords had penetrated their bodies directly.

Some people even looked at Hexi with a contemptuous expression on their faces. Thinking that she was just a little girl, so what if she was powerful.

However, before their expressions changed, they felt a sharp pain.

Then they completely lost their consciousness.


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