The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 785: Revisiting the Old Stories
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 785: Revisiting the Old Stories

But now that Hexi had become the master of this secret realm, the thing was different.

Every plant, tree, enchantment, and even ferocious beast were under Hexi’s control.
Nangong Yu held Hexi’s hand as they wandered among the beautiful scenery of green mountains and green waters.

Hexi couldn’t help turning her head and asked, “Did you know long ago that I’m the new owner of the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory?”

Nangong Yu nodded without hesitation. He even put up a proud expression of “Your man is just smart” on his face.

Hexi laughed, but she couldn’t help being curious, “When did you know?”

“Stupid Xi’er~” Nangong Yu stretched out his hand and scratched the tip of her nose, and he said with a slight smile, “When others lost their treasures in the secret realm, you took out so many treasures in the secret realm to give to me. You even gave me the imitation version of Sealed Dragon Sword to me. Weren’t you telling me that you are the new master of the Sealed Dragon Domain?”
Hexi blushed immediately. She was worried about Nangong Yu’s safety at that time; she really didn’t think so much.

Nangong Yu liked her inadvertent trust to him very much. He held her and kissed her several times until Hexi got angry and pushed him away.

Of course, it was not only Hexi in the Sealed Dragon Domain, but there were also many slaves purchased by Xi San.

These slaves were originally born miserably, but after following Hexi, they enjoyed a life like heaven.
Especially those who had no cultivation and were treated like trash, their cultivation was soaring at a crazy speed.

This made them happy and joyful in their hearts, and they worshipped Hexi as a god.

Now, the servants in the Sealed Dragon Domain occasionally saw Nangong Yu and Hexi walked by. They only saw the handsome and unparalleled looks of the male and the charming beautiful female. The attitude of intimacy made people just think they are a perfect pair.

They couldn’t help feeling delighted that their Miss could find such a suitable man.
So, in just half a day, the news that their Miss and her husband were walking together in the Sealed Dragon Domain together spread throughout the secret realm.

Except for Xiaoli, Xi Jia and others who were cultivating in a retreat. Even Ouyang Haoxuan, who had just recovered from his injuries, knew about it.

Hexi and Nangong Yu passed by the bottom of the valley where they encountered the Dapeng Bird. Hexi looked at the familiar scene and couldn’t help but smile, “The Nangong Yu whom I met in the beginning was probably the most desolate Nangong Yu I have ever seen. ”

Nangong Yu squeezed her cheek. His voice had the hint of a smile, but it sounded a little unwilling and depressed, “The one who entered Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory that day was actually a clone of my fundamental essence. Its cultivation level was only equivalent to the initial stage of Nascent Soul. If it was in a real fight, it might not be able to defeat Feng Yunjing.”

This was the second time Hexi heard him mentioned fundamental essence’s clone. She couldn’t help but look up at him in surprise.
Nangong Yu suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Hexi tightly; his face full of annoyance, “I didn’t expect you to enter Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, let alone that you would conflict with Feng Family. If I knew it, I would definitely use a stronger clone so that it is strong enough to protect you in the secret realm, and you wouldn’t hurt as well!”

Hexi remembered everything that happened outside the Purple Golden Palace that day. She snorted coldly, “Not powerful enough? You obviously saw Feng Lingyin couldn’t move.”

Thinking of the scenes at that time, Hexi’s heart still had the long-lost hostility and depression.

Her figure flickered, and she brought Nangong Yu to the “Green Wood Domain” where the Purple Golden Palace inherited.


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