The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 787: Nangong Yu’s Aler
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 787: Nangong Yu’s Aler

They saw a young man wearing a white brocade. He had with slanted eyebrows and star eyes and he was tall and straight, but his face was pale and haggard.

Nangong Yu recognized him almost at a glance, Ouyang Haoxuan, the only son of the Ouyang Family.
But just because he recognized him, Nangong Yu’s eyes showed an unbelievable look.

The man in front of him looked exactly like Ouyang Haoxuan, but he was totally different from the Ouyang Haoxuan he had in mind.

After his meridians were severed and he had experienced all the joys and sorrows of life for more than one year, Ouyang Haoxuan’s temperament had become introverted and gloomy.

But the man in front of him couldn’t be just described as gloomy.

His whole body was covered with thick darkness, and his eyes were as deep as stagnant water. There was only endless darkness in there.
Ouyang Haoxuan was even closer to darkness as compared to him who cultivated in the dark spiritual power.

It was as if the person standing in front of him was not an individual, but the evil Shura climbing up from hell.

Moreover, if he remembers correctly, wasn’t Ouyang Haoxuan’s cultivation a few months ago was only at the intermediate level of the gold core right?

But now, not to mention that his cultivation was close to the peak of the Gold Core Stage, there was also the faint fire spiritual power emanating from his body that made Nangong Yu feel a little scruple.
He frowned slightly, and his eyes on Ouyang Haoxuan were full of scrutiny.

Ouyang Haoxuan was also looking at him; the look in his eyes was unwavering, but it brought a faint hint of inspecting and ice cold. The cold and gloomy aura exuded from the eyes, making Nangong Yu feel unspeakably depressed.

Hexi had told Nangong Yu about General Ouyang’s death by Feng Yunjing, including Ouyang Haoxuan’s recognition of her as his master.

She just concealed the fact that Ouyang Haoxuan had Fire Element Spirit Pearl in his body. After all, according to her master, Fire Element Spirit Pearl was too rare and precious; it was coveted by everyone else.
If Fire Element Spirit Pearl was on her, she certainly didn’t mind telling Nangong Yu, but she couldn’t expose the location of Fire Element Spirit Pearl without Ouyang Haoxuan’s permission. It would only add danger to him.

Although Nangong Yu was mentally prepared, Ouyang Haoxuan was no longer the original Ouyang Haoxuan, but when he saw him, he was still shocked.

Because of the current Ouyang Haoxuan gave him a feeling that even he couldn’t see through.

At this time, Hexi finally got over. Seeing Ouyang Haoxuan remained silent, she couldn’t help calling out, “Ouyang Haoxuan? Are you okay?”

Ouyang Haoxuan regained his senses immediately. He put on a gentle smile and looked at Hexi, “Don’t worry, I’m completely healed.”
It was just this look and one sentence that suddenly turned the surprise in Nangong Yu’s eyes into alert.

He almost instinctively stretched out his hand and took Hexi into his arms. He whispered into her ears as if to announce his authority, “Xi’er, I’m bored with this place, let’s go to other places?”

Hexi blushed, only to think that Nangong Yu was so rascal and shameless that even she was helpless.

But she still couldn’t bear to disappoint Nangong Yu, so she nodded.

“Ouyang Haoxuan, we’ll go first, make yourself at home.”

She waved at Ouyang Haoxuan, then she was going to bring Nangong Yu to another secret domain.

Suddenly, she thought of something, she smiled and said, “Oh, right, since your injury has healed, I will take you out in two days.”
“Although the Feng Family people are looking for you everywhere now, it’s fine now!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》