The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 790: He Is so Old~
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 790: He Is so Old~

Physique training was different from spiritual power training. Spiritual power training was to use spiritual power to cycle the whole body, and spiritual power itself had the effect of rejuvenating one’s look. What about physique training? Physique training was to constantly temper the body. The person’s muscles and bones would become strong and powerful, but there was no way to stay young. If it was a female physique cultivator, she would become more and more rough and ugly.

But the man in front was is so handsome. He looks like he is just in his early twenties.

How can he possibly reach the Bone Tempering State?
The Bone Tempering State of physique training, compares with spiritual power training, is between the level of Gold Core Stage and Nascent Soul stage. Without at least a hundred years of training, even if he is a genius, it is still impossible to reach right?

Hexi was only laughing without saying a word; she still couldn’t resist laughing in her mind.

Knowing that they didn’t believe it, Nangong Yu couldn’t help but snort. He suddenly stretched out his hand to grab, and a fire crystal stone not far away flew into his palm.

Under the astounding gaze of Xi Jia and others, Nangong Yu exerted force in his hand. The fire crystal stone instantly turned into powder and scattered away.

During the period, Xi Jia and others did not feel any spiritual power fluctuations in Nangong Yu.

And the fire crystal stone had such a hot temperature, but it didn’t hurt Nangong Yu a bit.
They widened their eyes. Their eyes not only had doubt and alert, but they were full of astonishment.

The fire crystal stones in this Burning Sky Domain were all very high-level. They couldn’t stand it even if they touch them with their hands, but the man in front of them could actually crush the fire crystal stones into powder.

This… this kind of strength, this kind of intensity, it is indeed very likely that he has reached the Bone Tempering State.

But, he… how old is he? How can he reach the Bone Tempering State?

Xi Gui, the most straightforward of the ten, and the only woman among the ten, could not help blurting out, “Miss, how old is this young master? Could it be that he looks young, but he is already about eighty years old? Miss, he is so old; he really isn’t a good match for you…”

Before Xi Gui finished speaking, Hexi couldn’t help laughing out loud.
This time, she really did not have any scruples at all; even tears came out.

Nangong Yu… That’s King of Hell Nangong Yu! He is said to be the dream man of many girls, but now he is being despised by Xi Gui for being old?


Nangong Yu’s face was dark and scary, and he really wanted to tear the mouths of these people.

She actually said that I’m old? I’m not worthy of Xi’er? Do these people want to die or they want to die 10,000 times?

However, hearing Hexi burst into laughter and seeing that she was so happy, he couldn’t help showing a helpless look. He held her tightly and also patted her back with the other hand to prevent her from being out of breath by laughing.

When Hexi was done laughing, she then pushed Nangong Yu away and looked at Xi Jia and others again, “Hmm, right, I forgot to introduce his identity to you.”
Xi Jia and the others were also full of doubts at this time, not knowing what their Miss was laughing at.

Coupled with seeing their Miss being so intimate with him, they couldn’t wait to know the identity of this future master.

Hexi retrieved the smile on her face and said lightly, “His name is Nangong Yu.”

Nangong Yu? Called Nangong Yu? What’s so strange about that?

Suddenly, Xi Yi among the ten was stunned and let out an exclamation, “Nangong Yu? Isn’t he the King of Hell Nangong Yu who reached the Nascent Soul stage at the age of twenty?”


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