The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 791: Thank You Master for Your Guidance
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 791: Thank You Master for Your Guidance

They were slaves at the bottom, but it didn’t mean that they didn’t even know the Jin Ling Kingdom’s first powerhouse, Miluo Continent’s first peerless genius- King of Hell, Nangong Yu.

Hexi smiled and nodded, “En, although I don’t know if there is a second Nangong Yu in this world, this is the only one I know.”

“King… Your Royal Highness King of Hell?! The King of Hell who repelled the magical beast army?!”

“But, isn’t Your Royal Highness King of Hell a master of Nascent Soul stage? He… why does he still training in physique?”

“King of Hell is only in his early twenties now? How could it be possible to reach the Bone Tempering State, this…”

“Is it that he has a dual cultivation of spiritual power and physique? How is this possible? Such a person has never appeared in the Miluo Continent in thousands of years!”
One after another discussion sounded from Xi Jia and other people, and everyone’s faces were full of shock and amazement.

This time, their gazes at Nangong Yu have completely changed.

There was not a trace of frivolity, not a trace of doubt; Many people even lowered their eyes and dared not look directly at his deep eyes.

Nangong Yu was very satisfied with their reaction and finally showed a little smile on his face.
Hmph! Even despised me for being old! Even said I’m not worthy of Xi’er!

However, he thought so in his heart, but his face was still indifferent. There wasn’t any emotion on his face.

“Xi’er is my future princess. Since you are Xi’er’s confidants and suitable for physique training, I will naturally guide you. After I have read the Celestial Demon Mystic Extreme Art, I will come to check your progress one by one. I will see what I can do by then.”

Xi Jia and others were overjoyed.

They may doubt the cultivation and ability of a young master, but what if this young master was the famous King of Hell?
Their doubt and alert were all gone!

Many people even thought that their Miss was so excellent, so only His Royal Highness King of Hell could be worthy of her in this world.

“Thank you master (also meant for the husband of Hexi) for your guidance!” Xi Jia suddenly returned to his senses and knelt down.

Xi Jia knelt, and the other nine people immediately recovered, knelt down and thanked.

Nangong Yu smiled slightly. Hmm… He was quite satisfied with this ‘master’. His intention of teaching them a lesson had reduced by a lot.
He Xi was sweating: Master? They get bought over so quickly?!

After sending away Xi Jia and the others, Hexi went to visit Xiao Tan in the desert.

Xiao Li was now in the most dangerous beast gathering area in the desert. Most of the beasts were rank four or five. Under the siege of a group of rank four or five magical beasts, it would be deadly if she was careless.

So when Hexi entered the desert, she didn’t use the spiritual pet contract to summon Xiao Li. Instead, she planned to take Nangong Yu to leisurely travel all the way to see the current cultivation progress of Xiao Li.

However, not long after they entered the desert realm, suddenly a figure rushed from a distance like a dashing wind.

This figure was not a human being, but a little fox with white fur all over. There were three tails behind the little fox.

The little fox ran extremely fast.

When Hexi recovered, it already rushed to the front of Hexi excitedly.
Without waiting for Hexi to speak, the little fox’s figure flickered, transformed into a little girl, and jumped into Hexi’s arms.

“Miss! Miss! Wuwu…Why you didn’t come to see Xiao Li for long!”


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