The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 792: The Miser with No Conscience
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 792: The Miser with No Conscience

Xiao Li held Hexi tightly, rubbing her little head in her arms. Her voice was ecstatic and was sobbing.

Hexi always felt sorry for the little fox who had suffered all kinds of hardships. Hearing her words, she couldn’t help but touch her hair lightly. She said softly, “Okay, don’t cry. I’m just afraid I will disturb your cultivation. How is your progress now?”
Xiao Li burst into laughter when she heard the words. As she channeled her spiritual power, three huge white tails appeared behind her.

She looked like a kid asking for praise and candy, looking at Hexi earnestly and shaking the little tails behind her, “Miss, look, I have three tails now. I won’t be caught so easily. My mind control technique has also improved a lot. I will be able to help Miss in the future.”

Hexi looked at her crystal clear eyes; they were filled with Hexi’s shadow. She couldn’t help but smile and touch her head. She praised, “En, my Xiao Li is indeed amazing. You can cultivate two tails in such a short time.”

Xiao Li laughed, and her face flushed like a cute apple.

When she turned her head, she saw Nangong Yu standing beside Hexi; her eyes widened.
She was bewildered at first, then she suddenly remembered it. She exclaimed, “Ah, I know you, you are the… the beautiful brother who came to our courtyard to get free food and drink!”

Get free food and drink… Beautiful brother… Nangong Yu felt that his mouth had twitched more today than in the past 20 years of his life.

What are these people around Xi’er!?

Hexi gave a low cough, held back her laugh, and did not dare to provoke Nangong Yu anymore. He was already angry enough today.

“Xiao Li, don’t be rude to guests…”
“Who said I’m a guest!” Nangong Yu took Hexi into his arms. He didn’t care about polluting the pure mind of the little fox and kissed the back of her neck fiercely.

Although the kiss wasn’t very intense, he showed his authority in an arrogant manner. The little fox’s eyes widened seeing that.

After a long time, the little girl stammered, “Miss, he…how can he…how can…”

“Sister Xiao Li is stupid!” Before Hexi spoke, Little Egg’s voice had sounded. He said with excitement and pride, “Because the beautiful brother is a daddy; because he is a daddy, so he can play kiss kiss with mom. In the future, they will sleep in one bed and give birth to a baby!”
Alright! This time it was Hexi’s turn to be ashamed. She was about to go rampage.

Who is the master of this Little Egg? Why are you always helping that bastard Nangong Yu every time? Wasn’t he just gave you a few treasures? Okay… he gave you a few valuable treasures.

This miser with no conscience!

However, Nangong Yu’s face immediately looked better. His face was full of complacency, and his eyes softened as he looked at Little Egg.

Little one, nicely said! I’ll give him a few some treasures when I go back!

Xiao Li was still a little ignorant about giving birth to a baby, but after hearing Little Egg’s words, she felt that this beautiful brother and Miss were close, and her Miss liked him very much.

Hmm, okay then, I love those whose Miss loves, I won’t dislike this beautiful brother.

After Little Egg came out, Little Golden Dragon, Little Dumb Cow and Purple Abyss Vine also ran out of the void.

Xiao Chi, who had a much better look than some time ago, also came out from the void.


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