The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 794: Anger and Aggrieved
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 794: Anger and Aggrieved

Shangguan Wenji witnessed the death of Ouyang Haoxuan and his wife at the foot of Breaking Spirit Mountain. They seemed to have aged for about ten years; they had been depressed after returning to the palace.

The Jin Ling Kingdom had a short history in Miluo Continent. He was also the first emperor of the Jin Ling Kingdom.
In this world where only the power mattered, martial artists who cultivated the immortal way controlled most of the strength and resources. The so-called emperor had no real power at all.

Especially when comparing the Jin Ling Kingdom to the Tian Gang, Cang Ming and other countries, they had fewer lands and citizens, so he, the emperor, had always been very useless.

This situation continued until Nangong Yu, a peerless genius, appeared out.

The Iron Kirin led by him repelled the magical beast army and stained the borders of the Jin Ling Kingdom with the enemies’ blood. The 20-year-old Nascent Soul stage martial artist made everyone feel terrified. No one dared to offend him for being young.

It was the appearance of Nangong Yu that made this country have a firm foothold in the Miluo Continent; no one dared to covet it.
However, when the Jin Ling Kingdom was first established, it was the Ouyang Family and Ouyang Zhixiong that firmly supported him. He used his Zhenwei Army to open up this road to the imperial power for the emperor.

Shangguan Wenji still remembered that Ouyang Zhixiong used to have a Zhenwei Army of more than two hundred thousand, but in order to clean up the civil strife for himself and fight against foreign enemies, in just a few years, the number of his army was reduced to less than one hundred thousand. The one hundred thousand even included recruitment of new soldiers later.

However, such a subordinate who was loyal to him, the founding hero of the Jin Ling Kingdom, ended up in such a… tragic death. His wife, Madam Ouyang, was even more defiled.

Now the only son, Ouyang Haoxuan, was still missing and under pursuit.
He knew that Ouyang Zhixiong and the Ouyang Family would not rebel, so he had to acquiesce to the charge of Ouyang Zhixiong’s rebellion due to the threat of the Feng Family. He even let the Feng Family search for the only son of General Ouyang in his own land.

Haha… I’m really a useless emperor!

Just as the young man named Xi Yue said, I can’t even protect my loyal ministers; I can’t make decision in my own country; I’m only a puppet. I… simply doesn’t deserve to be an emperor.

Such guilt had been torturing him, making him sleepless. When the crown prince proposed to include the one 100,000 Zhenwei Army, Shangguan Wenji’s depression in his heart for a long time finally broke out.
He coldly looked at the talking son under the throne and said coldly, “What did you say? Say it again?”

Crown Prince Shangguan Qi didn’t seem to feel his father’s anger and aggrievedness at all. Instead, there was an excited smile on his face. “Father, General Ouyang and his wife are now dead, and their only son Ouyang Haoxuan is currently missing. Even if he appears, with his identity as the traitor, he can no longer come to the palace.”

“Now that General Ouyang’s one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army has no leader, so it is the best time to include them. I have thought about it. These one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army are too loyal to the Ouyang family; they will only obey General Ouyang’s command instead of the emperor. This is very detrimental to the concentration of our imperial power.”

“So I plan to divide the one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army and assign them into the Imperial Guard and Qingyang Army, so that they cannot connect with each other. In this way, they will naturally forget General Ouyang and be loyal to us. What does father think about that?”


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