The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 796: Trampled on a Downfall
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 796: Trampled on a Downfall

“At that time, if Feng Family thinks that we have resentment and invades our Jin Ling Kingdom, does father think we can defend ourselves? If you lose the throne and let the Jin Ling Kingdom be plagued by war, how are you going to save the kingdom?”

“You… what bullshit are you talking about! Ehem…” Shangguan Wenji was furious. Seeing his own son actually pointed at him and scolded him, he was so infuriated that he almost lost his breath.
Sixth Prince also had an ugly face, and his gaze looking at the Sixth Prince was full of contempt, “Elder Brother, no matter how strong the Feng Family is, we are also the royal family. We should lead our people by example. If we submit to a strong enemy and reserve right and wrong to protect ourselves, how will the people think of us?”

“Hahaha…” The crown prince couldn’t help laughing. He looked at the Sixth Prince as if he was looking at an idiot. “Sixth Brother, you sound so high-sounding, is it that you dare to fight with the Feng Family? Father attaches importance to General Ouyang, is it that he dares to fight against the Feng Family?”

Seeing that both Shangguan Wenji and Shangguan Heng looked ugly, the crown prince couldn’t help being even more proud, “Since I don’t dare, it’s better to listen to the Feng Family’s order. The Feng Family is so powerful; there are countless masters of the Gold Core Stage and industries in their hands. They also have a connection with the Doctors Association. As long as we satisfy the Feng Family, there will be many benefits in the future.”

“You…” The Sixth Prince’s eyes widened, “Elder Brother, how can you be so shameless?”

“Shameless? Hehe, I’m smart man who knows good bird who chooses wood to live!” The crown prince sneered. He didn’t look embarrassed at all, but he was full of pride, “You want to keep the Zhenwei Army, for what?! Are you waiting for the loser, Ouyang Haoxuan to come back and lead the Zhenwei Army? Hahaha, stop dreaming! As soon as Ouyang Haoxuan appears, he will fall into the hands of the Feng Family.”
Seeing Sixth Prince’s expression full of anxiety and depression, the crown prince was even more proud.

“Do you know how many masters Feng Family sent to this Yanjing City after the incident in the Breaking Spirit Mountain? They all came to find Ouyang Haoxuan, not to mention whether Ouyang Haoxuan is alive or not. Even if he is alive, do you he can escape from the pursuit of the Feng Family?”

“By the time Ouyang Haoxuan will die, won’t the Zhenwei Army not be able to find a leader? Now I include them to serve for the Jin Ling Kingdom’s royal family with my crown prince identity, what’s wrong with that?!”

Sixth Prince gritted his teeth and said viciously, “Shangguan Qi, you know that the Ouyang family was wronged, and Ouyang Haoxuan’s life is now at stake. Nevermind you don’t protect the Ouyang Family, you even take advantage of their crisis? Do you still have a little bit of integrity of being a royal family?”

“Look at how respectful you are to the Feng Family, wouldn’t you sell the entire Jin Ling Kingdom to them when you become the emperor? Willingly become their dog?!”

“Presumptuous!!” Shangguan Qi roared. A spiritual power surged from his body as he stared at Sixth Prince fiercely, “I’m the crown prince, and even your eldest brother, you dare to talk to me like this?”

“Hehe, you have so much moral integrity, then go and question the Feng Family if you dare? Go condemn them for killing General Ouyang and his wife. If you are so good, go and arrest Feng Yunjing to seek justice for the Ouyang Family?”

“It’s just that if you do this, I would like to know if you can live to see the dawn of tomorrow!”
The Sixth Prince’s cultivation was low. As soon as Shangguan Qi released his aura, he backed away with an embarrassed look.


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