The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 803: The Arrogant Hei Sha
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 803: The Arrogant Hei Sha

The black smoke entered the guard’s mouth and nose silently, and the guard immediately released the weapon in his hand, revealing an expression of pain.

The crown prince was taken aback, then he saw a man in a black cloak walking out behind him.
The cloaked man looked at the guard’s painful expression and smiled with satisfaction, then stretched out his hand to clasp the guard’s head.


There was the sound of bursting. The fingers of the cloaked man penetrated deep into the guard’s skull, making five holes in his head.

The guard’s body twitched violently, then he rolled his eyes and lost his vitality.

The black mist that entered the guard’s body curled out and flew back into the cloaked man’s body.
The guard on the other side of the palace gate saw this scene, and his face was full of shock. He wanted to scream.

But the man in black who was following the cloaked man immediately came out silently and snapped his neck.

The same black mist emerged from the cloaked man, got into the guard’s body, circled around and flew back.

Shangguan Qi looked at the guard who was dead on the ground with horror. The guard’s eyes turned white, and his face was distorted. His brain juice was even gurgling out.
That was too horrifying!

Shangguan Qi’s complexion turned pale. He looked at the cloaked man tremblingly, and he said, “Black Law Protector, now… we are still at the gate of the palace. It’s not good to just kill people and cause any sensations right? What if my father…”

“Huh! Who cares about Shangguan Wenji? How is he worthy of letting me sneak in? Isn’t just killing a few guards? What is there to be dissatisfied?”

“No! Not at all!” Shangguan Qi waved his hand in fright. Even his feet were trembling.
This man in gray with a cloak was a martial artist of the Nascent Soul stage, and his position in the Feng Family was high. Moreover, he had always acted ruthlessly and liked to extract the soul of people. How dare he offend this person?

That was right, the man in the cloak was the Black Law Protector, Hei Sha that Hexi ran into at the Murong Mansion that day.

The men in black who followed Hei Sha were at least of the Gold Core Stage or the peak of Meridians Stage. They were all elites of the Feng Family, and they were all loyal to the Feng Family.

Hei Sha was badly injured by a crazy old man who ran out inexplicably when he was at the Murong Mansion. Although it seemed that he was simply knocked into the air, his vitality was severely injured. After several months of cultivating, his strength still couldn’t recover to the peak.

Hei Sha’s cultivation was based on martial artists’ souls, so during this period of time, he was looking for soul everywhere.
It was just that draining the soul of martial artists was too ostentatious and easy to be discovered, so his recovery had always been slow.

However, his visit to Jin Ling Kingdom Palace today had some good results. Although the guards of Jin Ling Kingdom Palace were mostly low in cultivation and had impured souls, they were still martial artists after all.

If I can absorb all the souls of the people in this palace, I don’t have to worry about not able to recover! Hahaha!

When Hei Sha turned his head, seeing Shangguan Qi’s terrified look, his heart was full of contempt.

But he said, “Don’t worry, as long as you are obedient, our Feng Family will not treat you badly. When Shangguan Wenji abdicates, this Jin Ling Kingdom is naturally yours!”

Shangguan Qi was overjoyed when he heard that. He even forgot most of his fear.

At this time, he was really fortunate that after being rejected by Shangguan Wenji, he was connected to the Feng Family. Only with such a strong backer like the Feng Family, he could sit on the throne without worry.


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