The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 805: Threathen
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 805: Threathen

Shangguan Qi shook his head and said helplessly, “How can father say that I’m forcing you to abdicate the throne? I just want to help father make the right decision. I know father is worried that the Zhenwei Army won’t listen to you without the commander’s seal.”

“But now with the help of the Black Law Protector, if anyone were disobedient, we can punish them until they listen. After all, Black Law Protector is a master of the Nascent Soul stage. Father, don’t you think so?”
Shangguan Wenji was gasped, and his face looked very pale, “You bastard… bastard! Now that you are planning everything, why do you still come to me?!”

Shangguan Qi spread his hand and said, “I want to take in the Zhenwei Army, so I of course need the imperial decree from father to order me to take full responsibility for the redeployment of the Zhenwei Army.”

Shangguan Wenji gritted his teeth and said, “What if I don’t write?”

“Father, why are you making it hard for yourself?” Shangguan Qi shook his head, “Ouyang Family is too late to be saved. The Zhenwei Army is one of our Jin Ling Kingdom’s most powerful army, we can’t always let it have no leader right?”

Shangguan Wenji’s eyes were red, staring fiercely at this arrogant son in front of him, and he suddenly burst into laughter, “Okay, really my good son. I, Shangguan Wenji, am really blind. I actually give birth to such an animal like you to be the crown prince. ”
“Today, I will kill you, lest you, the animal, bring disaster to my Jin Ling Kingdom!”

As soon as Shangguan Wenji spoke, he stood up and rushed toward Shangguan Qi.

The pressure of Gold Core Stage suddenly burst out, overwhelming Shangguan Qi

Shangguan Qi was so frightened that he fell to the ground, and he shouted in panic, “Black Law Protector, help!”
Seeing that Shangguan Wenji was about to smash the head of Shangguan Qi with a palm, Hei Sha on the side suddenly made a move.

He didn’t see how he moved, but his figure shook. A fist had attacked on Shangguan Wenji’s chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. The spiritual power of his body was also shaken away.

Hei Sha took a step forward, kicked Shangguan Wenji, and sneered, “Are you writing or not writing?”

“Kill me if you dare!” Shangguan Wenji’s mouth kept spilling blood, but his eyes were full of resentment. He didn’t intend to surrender at all. “Your Feng Family has done so many unrighteous acts, you will get your retribution one day!”
“Retribution? Hahaha…” Hei Sha raised his head and laughed, “You don’t write? Okay, I will let you watch your favorite concubines and children die miserably in front of you. You can open your eyes to see if I will get retribution!”

After that, Hei Sha waved his hand to bring all the princes, princesses and concubines in the harem.

“Don’t touch my children!”

Shangguan Wenji let out a stern cry and rushed towards Hei Sha, but he was not Hei Sha’s opponent.

Hei Sha caught one of his youngest sons who were only five or six years old in front of him, and he sneered, “Are you writing or not?”
Shangguan Wenji yelled hysterically, “You Feng Family will get retribution!!!”

As soon as he spoke, Hei Sha grasped the child’s head and shoulders with both hands and tore them forcefully.

Hearing a scream, the child’s head was torn off abruptly. Blood splashed around.

“Xuan’er!!! Animal, I fight to the death with you——!!!”

A beautiful concubine rushed out and charged at Hei Sha frantically, but Hei Sha grabbed her neck and crushed her spine.


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