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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 806: I Write!

Hei Sha and the group of Feng Family children behind him laughed loudly, “Shangguan Wenji, are you still waiting for your son to inform Nangong Yu? Hahaha, I advise you not to dream. With the relationship between the King of Hell Mansion and our Feng Family, do you think they would be willing to offend our Feng Family by helping you? What’s more, your precious son, he may not even be able to get out of the palace. He is most likely dead under the hands of my disciples.”

“If you still don’t write the imperial edict, then I will kill your children one by one in front of you. Let’s see how long you can hold!”
After speaking, he waved his hand, and the men in black grabbed a young princess in his hand.

“Father, help–!” The little princess was crying in fright.

The last hope in Shangguan Wenji’s heart was broken, and he suddenly sat down on the ground dejectedly. He said tremblingly, “Okay, I write! I write!”

His face was full of tears that were mixed with blood from the corners of his mouth, making him look extremely miserable.

When he finished writing the imperial edict, half of his hair had turned gray as if his vitality was sucked away.
Shangguan Qi took a step forward, seemingly concerned, “Father, are you okay?”

“You beast, I don’t have a son like you. You get out of here!”

Shangguan Qi smiled and said with a deep gaze, “Since father has already written the incorporation of the Zhenwei Army, why not you write the succession edict as well. If I become the emperor, I believe the incorporation of the Zhenwei Army will be smoother.”

The sky had gradually darkened; Sixth Prince Shangguan Heng was running madly at this moment on the quiet street of the Yanjing City.

The guards who protected him were all dead.

If it weren’t for his alertness, he would have become a dead corpse. Even if he wasn’t dead, his body was also covered in wounds.

At this time, he finally took a breath and came to the street where King of Hell Mansion was.
However, the pursuers behind him were getting closer. Even if they couldn’t fly in Yanjing City, their pace was much faster than him.

Moreover, they even had the leisure time to play cat and mouse with him.

“Sixth Prince, after running all night, are you not tired? Do you think you can escape our palm by continuing to run? Hahahaha…”

As Shangguan Heng’s vision became blurred, he saw three people blocking his way.

There was despair in his heart. He was already close to the King of Hell Mansion, but he couldn’t move any further.
Seeing that the sword in the man in black stabbing at him, Shangguan Heng’s mouth widened in horror. He wanted to call for help, but he couldn’t even make a sound.

But, suddenly, he felt his waist tighten as if he was pulled by something. He was forcefully dragged back for some distance.

Shangguan Heng finally let out a short exclamation. His body seemed to hit a wall. The pain almost made all his bones and muscles collapse.

He looked back and saw a man dressed in black with a cold look.

The man’s appearance was not outstanding, but his body exuded a chilling bloody aura as if the person had experienced a bloodbath.

Shangguan Heng was in shock. After realizing that he had been rescued, the injuries that he suppressed previously acted up in an instant. He spouted a mouthful of blood.

A clear man’s voice suddenly sounded, “Wah, Xuan Wu, aren’t you being too rough? You see, the prince is even vomiting blood now!”
Xuan Wu? Which Xuan Wu? Is it the Xuan Wu, one of the four confidants of His Royal Highness King of Hell?


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