The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 816: Gruesome Ghost Qi
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 816: Gruesome Ghost Qi

Hei Sha sneered, but he was not scared at all. He faintly glanced across everyone there. “It’s a pity that all of you will die today. No one can live to tell my secrets.”

His sinister gaze stared at Nangong Yu sternly and sneered, “Nangong Yu, do you think you’re so great just because you’re called King of Hell? Aren’t you just a dog of the Feng Family? You really think you are someone important? Hehe, I will teach you a lesson on behalf of master today, then I will bring you back to the Feng Family… It’s up to master to deal with you!”

After speaking, the soul refining flag in his hand suddenly became larger; the sky was shaking constantly.

As his flag shook, the evil spirits possessed him rushed out one by one.

In the palace that was originally brightly lit, it was instantly enveloped by an evil qi. The people present suddenly seemed to be in hell.

Those who had cultivation shivered, and their faces were pale; those who didn’t have cultivation could not withstand the erosion of the gruesome ghost qi and passed out into a coma.

These ghosts were the most hostile part of the souls eaten by the ghost face, especially those souls, who were tortured to death by Hei Sha, were more gruesome and violent. They were even intolerable to the martial artist with cultivation.
The evil spirits flew through the crowd, making everyone scream, but they couldn’t escape.

And the ghost face became bigger after the evil spirits rushed out, charging straight at Nangong Yu.

The only ones in this palace that were not affected were Hexi and the others.

For some reason, when a group of evil spirits rushed toward Hexi, it seemed that there was something around Hexi that made them extremely scared.

They just circled around and fled in a hurry.

Hexi originally even cast out the Li Shui Sword. Li Shui Sword could be enchanted with fire spiritual power; it was the best weapon for killing ghosts.

However, she was shocked to find that these evil spirits seemed to be greatly frightened when they got near her; they fled hurriedly.

Little Egg seemed to be very interested in these evil spirits and wanted to catch them, scaring them to run faster. Hexi’s action was still quick. She grabbed Little Egg back in an instant.

Hexi lowered her head and met the big shiny eyes of Little Egg. The little guy pursed his lips, “Mom, why don’t you let Little Egg catch those ghosts?! Aunty Little Purple likes these the most; she will definitely like it! ”

Little Egg’s words reminded Hexi. She immediately released the original body of Purple Abyss Vine.

As soon as the main vine of Purple Abyss Vine appeared in the palace, the branches and leaves trembled with excitement when they felt the strong ghost spirits inside.

This time, it couldn’t wait for Hexi to issue an order before rushing out, jumping straight at the evil spirits.

Those evil spirits that were scared by Hexi and the others were now even more miserable.

As long as the evil spirit was caught by Purple Abyss Vine, they were all absorbed; not a single one escaped.

In the blink of an eye, the originally noisy palace due to the evil spirits was cleaned up by the purple vines, then it remained calm again.

It was just that Hei Sha released these evil spirits, not to deal with Hexi, but to empower the strength of the ghost face and let it deal with Nangong Yu.

As long as Nangong Yu was dead, could he, a master of Nascent Soul stage, not be able to deal with those nobodies?

So Hei Sha didn’t care about the evil spirits at Hexi’s side at all. He just commanded the ghost face to firmly entangle Nangong Yu.

The huge ghost face in front of Nangong Yu suddenly split into countless ghosts.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》