The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 820: Zhenwei Army Camp
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 820: Zhenwei Army Camp

Hexi was already flushed. She let go of him, collected the four little ones into the the void, and quickly walked outside the palace.

Nangong Yu was stunned for a long time before regaining his senses and touching the corner of his mouth. There was no depressed expression on his face, and he followed up delightedly.

Humph, who cares about Ouyang Haoxuan! Xi’er only has me in her his heart!

Nangong Yu only felt refreshed at this time, and his heart was almost bubbling with joy.

Not to mention that Hexi just wanted to travel through the magical beast forest to conquer the Zhenwei Army. Even if his little girl wanted the moon in the sky, he would find a way to get it.


At the foot of Longhu Mountain on the western border of Jin Ling Kingdom, the light of the early morning had just shone on this land.

At the foot of Longhu Mountain, countless camps were densely packed.

As the early morning approached, the well-dressed soldiers from these camps walked out.

Each of them didn’t have high cultivation; the strongest was only the Foundation Establishment stage, and many of them were mortals.

But their gestures were filled with the solemnity and ruthless of soldiers. They faintly exuded a hint of bloodlust from their bodies. They were obviously a veteran who had experienced many battles.

This was the Zhenwei Army brought out by Ouyang Zhixiong and the founder of Jin Ling Kingdom.

Zhenwei Army went from the original two hundred thousand to the current one hundred thousand soldiers after many desperate battles, but every one of them were elites who had experienced many battles.

At this time, one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army were lining up, holding halberds with a solemn look.

Standing in front of them was the deputy general of Zhenwei Army and the faithful confidant of Ouyang Zhixiong- Chen Guang.
Chen Guang looked like about forty years old. He had the Meridians Stage cultivation. He always looked gentle and generous. He was affectionately called as “Big Brother Chen” by soldiers and generals in the Zhenwei Army.

But at this time, the “Big Brother Chen”‘s face was not half gentle, but it looked hideous. His fierce eyes exuded a cold killing intent.

He used his dantian to channel the spiritual power through his whole body, and his low voice spread throughout the Zhenwei Army, “I believe everyone already knows that our general, General Ouyang, was murdered in Breaking Spirit Mountain. The general’s only son is also missing! In Yanjing City, no! The entire Jin Ling Kingdom knows who killed General Ouyang and who is pursuing the son of General Ouyang!”

Chen Guang’s voice immediately became even more indignant. “General Ouyang is our commander and the object of allegiance to all of us. But now he and his wife have been killed alive. Should we avenge him? ?”


“Even if we have to die for it!”

“We have to avenge General Ouyang even if we have to die!”

Hundreds of thousands of people shouted in unison. It was almost earth-shaking as if even the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain was shaking.

Chen Guang opened his eyes and gritted his teeth, “Then do you know who our enemy is?”

“It’s Feng Family——!!!”

“It’s Feng Family” echoed between heaven and earth, and it was this Feng Family that made everyone’s eyes burst into deep hatred.

Chen Guang nodded his head and said in hatred, “It’s Feng Family! It was obviously Feng Yunjing, the beast who abused and killed General Ouyang and his wife in the Breaking Spirit Mountain, but because he was a member of Feng Family and the young master of Feng Family, our Jin Ling Kingdom can’t do anything to the Feng Family. So, he killed General Ouyang and his wife, but nothing happened. On the contrary, our general was framed as a traitor, our young master is still being hunted down!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》