The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 821: Zhenwei Army’s Determination
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 821: Zhenwei Army’s Determination

“The Feng Family is worse than animals!”

“We must avenge the general and save young master from danger!!”

Chen Guang let out a sigh of relief and shook his head, “However, the strength of Feng Family is too strong, let alone Feng Yunjing is the Nascent Soul stage, if there are a few more Gold Core Stages, our 100,000 soldiers can only become the ants in their hands. Needless to say revenge, we will all die in the hands of the Feng Family by the time.”

Chen Guang’s words were pessimistic, but they were true.

In this world of comprehension where the strong were respected, ordinary troops were like ants in the eyes of high rank martial artists.

The soldiers underneath all showed grief and pain, and many people couldn’t help having red eyes.

Chen Guang suddenly raised his head and shouted loudly, “However, no matter how strong the Feng Family is, we will never give up revenge for General Ouyang! Therefore, we must work hard to strengthen training. For those who have cultivation, speed up the improvement of your strength.”

Someone below couldn’t help but speak, “But Deputy General Chen, no matter how we improve ourselves, how can we compete with the Feng Family?”

Chen Guang gritted his teeth and sneered, “We can’t compete with the Feng Family, but our Jin Ling Kingdom has an army that can make the Feng Family be scrupulous.”

“Does general mean… the Iron Kirin of the King of Hell Mansion?”

“Exactly!!” Chen Guang clenched his fists and waved fiercely. “When we improve the strength, I will kneel in front of the King of Hell Mansion and beg King of Hell to incorporate our Zhenwei Army. As long as he can avenge for our General Ouyang, we are willing to submit to the King of Hell Mansion!”


Chen Guang’s decision made the soldiers below all be surprised.

Although their Zhenwei Army had always known that they were very different from the Iron Kirin of the King of Hell Mansion; they couldn’t be compared at all.

However, the Zhenwei Army had always belonged to General Ouyang, but now they had to recognize others as the master. Such a gap caused misery and panic in their hearts.

Chen Guang was not willing to let the old general’s private army become someone else’s subordinates, but this was the only way to avenge the general and save the young master from danger.

Chen Guang took a deep breath and slowly said, “You needn’t say much. I have made up my mind. As long as we can avenge the general and save the young master from the Feng Family, we are willing to recognize anyone as our master.”

“Now, go back to your place and train well. Even if you want to submit to the King of Hell Mansion, you must not let the people of King of Hell Mansion look down on us. Did you hear me?”

“Yes, General Chen!!”

The 100,000 armies immediately dispersed, and each formed a square formation to start training their battlefield combat abilities.

The little sergeants of the Foundation Establishment stage returned to the camp with a spirit gathering circle and devoted themselves to cultivate.

One hundred thousand Zhenwei Army obviously lost their general, but instead of being decadent, it showed a scene of enthusiasm and unity.

When the crown prince and others rushed to the foot of Dragon Tiger Mountain through the frosty night, they saw this scene.

The crown prince was startled by shouting “Ha” and “kill” in unison.

But when he saw the dense and imposing army clearly, infinite greed and excitement surged in his heart.

This is 100,000 Zhenwei Army! This 100,000 army will become my army soon; my power.

Coupled with the imperial decree written by Shangguan Wenji himself, I will soon become the master of the Jin Ling Kingdom.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》