The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 824: Simply Dreaming
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 824: Simply Dreaming

“Chen Guang, what do you mean? I have tried my best to persuade you, yet you are still so stubborn?”

Chen Guang sneered and said with a calm expression, “When the Zhenwei Army was founded, His Majesty had promised that the Zhenwei Army belongs to the Ouyang Family, and only people of the Ouyang Family can make decisions about the Zhenwei Army. Did His Majesty think that he could erase the previous promise with just an imperial decree? Don’t forget, the emperor needs to take his words seriously!

When Shangguan Qi heard this, he didn’t get angry this time. Instead, he laughed and said, “You said that the people of the Ouyang Family can make decisions about the Zhenwei Army? Then why don’t you look at this person?”

With that, Shangguan Qi pulled out a man in black armor and helmet from behind.

After being pulled out, the man immediately took off his helmet in a frantic manner, revealing a slightly pale face that resembled the face of Ouyang Zhixiong.

Shangguan Qi pointed at the man proudly and smiled, “General Chen should know this person right? He is the younger brother of Ouyang Zhixiong, Ouyang Zhiping. This is the real descendant of the Ouyang Family. He shares the same father with Ouyang Zhixiong. With such a strong blood relationship, he can represent the Ouyang Family right?”

Ouyang Zhiping raised his head to meet Chen Guang’s fierce and cold gaze, and his whole body shuddered.

But thinking of the horror of the man in black of the Feng Family and the promise he made with him, Ouyang Zhiping gritted his teeth, stepped forward and said: “Deputy General Chen, I have also received the news of the death of my brother. I’m also very sad about his death, but there must be a leader to lead the Zhenwei Army. His Majesty and crown prince are just hoping to find a way for the Zhenwei Army. I’m here to take over the military power of the Zhenwei Army on behalf of the Ouyang Family.”

Chen Guang looked at Ouyang Zhixiong coldly; his eyes were like a sharp blade.

Ouyang Zhixiong trembled seeing this. He then immediately remembered their allegiance to the Ouyang Family, and he immediately became annoyed and said, “Deputy General Chen, what do you mean by looking at me this way? Do you have any questions about me taking over the Zhenwei Army? I have a decree, and I’m the closest person to the Ouyang Family and my elder brother, so I have the reason to take over Zhenwei Army.”

“Or Deputy General Chen thinks that without my elder brother, you can take the opportunity to seize power?”

Chen Guang was not irritated by his provocative words, but he stretched out his hand, “You want the military power of the Zhenwei Army? You can. Show me the commander’s seal for verification first.”

“Wh… what commander’s seal?” Ouyang Zhiping froze at first, then he immediately rebutted loudly, “I’m from the Ouyang Family, you are the army of the Ouyang Family, now my elder brother is dead, Haoxuan’s whereabouts is unknown, so I have the rights to take over the Zhenwei Army. What commander’s seal, how come I have never heard of the commander’s seal when my elder brother was in charge.”

Chen Guang showed a mocking smile hearing that, “You don’t even know the commander’s seal of the Zhenwei Army, then you come to take over the Zhenwei Army. You’re basically dreaming!”

“I tell you that if you want to incorporate the Zhenwei Army, you must show the commander’s seal and be recognized by the direct blood of the Ouyang Family. Without the commander’s seal, we will never accept it! We will not recognize any imperial decree or general’s brother!”

“Chen Guang, you’re going back on your words! This is simply too much!!” Shangguan Qi said angrily. “You said that people from the Ouyang Family can mobilize the Zhenwei Army, so I found one for you. Now you are asking for the commander’s seal. When General Ouyang died, there was nothing on him. The commander’s seal on him was long gone. Is it that without the commander’s seal, you all will never accept another general?”


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