The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 826: Avenge For General Ouyang
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 826: Avenge For General Ouyang

Chen Guang of Meridians Stage couldn’t stand it, let alone the soldiers below.

Especially the soldiers standing in the front row facing the coercion, many of them vomited blood; some even fainted directly.
Sun Mingyuan leisurely withdrew the pressure and looked at Chen Guang contemptuously, “If you are sensible, immediately accept the incorporation of His Highness, otherwise, I, the hall master, don’t mind killing you all one by one.”

Chen Guang clutched his burning chest and asked fiercely, “Who are you?”

“Hahaha…” Sun Mingyuan laughed again, “Such a lowly person like you deserve to know my hall master identity? You should know that that 100,000 of you are now the fishes on the cutting board. If you can bait Ouyang Haoxuan out, it’s fine. I can spare your life. If you can’t bait Ouyang Haoxuan out, then you all should die!”

Bait Ouyang Haoxuan out?

Chen Guang’s eyes widened suddenly, then his face changed drastically. He exclaimed, “You’re the Feng Family’s people?!”

“So what if I am?” Sun Mingyuan narrowed his eyes and sneered. “We Feng Family have never failed in doing what we want and getting what we want. If your General Ouyang was smart, he wouldn’t end up as such. If you are sensible, be obedient and be the bait to lure Ouyang Haoxuan out…”

“You’re dreaming——!!!” Chen Guang didn’t wait for him to finish, and rushed toward him crazily, “You bunch of animals, murdering General Ouyang and his wife. Now, I want you all to pay with your life.”

At the same time, the hundreds of soldiers below also charged together.

The other soldiers who could not rush up because the mountain was too small also raised their weapons and shouted, “Kill them and avenge General Ouyang!!”

Shangguan Qi was terrified by such movement.

He was not Sun Mingyuan who was at the Gold Core Stage. No matter how many ordinary people there were, they were no match for him.

He was just a mere Meridians Stage, and he didn’t have particularly powerful martial arts. If he was surrounded by this group of people, even if all of them took a bite, he could be bitten to death.

Shangguan Qi hurriedly backed away with his guards. During the period, because of being crowded by too many people, he also staggered to the ground and was stepped on several times.

But soon, there was a loud noise from Sun Mingyuan who was drowned by the crowd.

Immediately afterward, a strong smell of blood permeated, and the soldiers’ corpses flew out along with their broken limbs.

Sun Mingyuan flew high in the air, looking at the corner of Dragon Tiger Mountain where the corpses were spreading across the field like ants. He sneered and said, “Just a group of mere mortals also dares to seek revenge from me. Why don’t you all look at yourselves whether you are capable of that!”

He stared at Chen Guang, who was also badly injured, and stretched out his finger.

Suddenly, Chen Guang jumped into the air involuntarily; his throat was firmly clutched, “Since you choose the hard way, don’t blame me for not giving you all a chance. There are 100,000 people here, killing one by one should take some time right? I believe, in the end, Ouyang Haoxuan will be forced to come out. What do you think?”

Chen Guang was clutched by his throat; his face turned blue, and there was a huge wound in his abdomen that was bleeding.

But he didn’t flinch at all. He stared at the man in front of him with hatred. He said ruthlessly, “You dream! Young master will definitely survive, and one day, he will seek revenge from your Feng Family and destroy your Feng Family!”


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