The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 832: It’s You Guys…
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 832: It’s You Guys…

A smile appeared at the corner of Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth, but before he could speak.

Shangguan Qi already shouted loudly, “Protector Bai, what are you doing? Then Ouyang Haoxuan is a traitor, come and save me! I’m the crown prince…”

Bai Hu picked his ear and glanced at Shangguan Qi and Sun Mingyuan, “Sorry, what did you just say? I didn’t hear clearly, can you say it again?”

At this time, Sun Mingyuan had already shown a gloomy face as he seemed to have realized something. He questioned in a hateful voice, “You guys are together?”

Bai Hu laughed loudly with a contemptuous expression of ‘Oh, only now you guess it?’, but he said, “Hall Master Sun is so insightful! But Hall Master Sun just crushed an inscribed jade slip, who are you reporting to? It can be Hei Sha right?”

“Hahaha, if it’s Hei Sha, I advise Hall Master Sun not to waste your effort!”

Sun Mingyuan’s complexion changed as he said in anger, “What do you mean by this?”

Bai Hu curled his lips and joked, “Because my master has already rushed to the palace a few hours ago… Well, to protect the emperor, now your Black Law Protector, I’m afraid that he has long since become a corpse.”

“You, what did you say?!!!” Sun Mingyuan screamed, “Our Feng Family treats King of Hell well, why should Nangong Yu go against our Feng Family? Moreover, Hei Sha is also at the Nascent Soul stage, Nangong Yu won’t be able to kill him; it’s impossible!!”

Bai Hu forced out a laugh, then he approached him, whispering in his ears in a voice that only they could hear, “At Liu Li Sect that day, your Elder Feng said the same thing that our master wouldn’t kill him. However, the result is…”

“Ahh—!!” Sun Mingyuan glared in fright at Bai Hu, “It’s you guys… it’s you guys…!!!

Bai Hu laughted softly, “For other things, why don’t you ask your people of the Feng Family when you reach hell.”

As he said, he glanced at Ouyang Haoxuan and made a gesture of ‘please’, “I’ll let you do the revenge.”

Sun Mingyuan panted violently. He even forgot the existence of Ouyang Haoxuan. He pointed his finger at Bai Hu, and his incoherent voice sounded, “It’s you guys… you guys killed… Nangong Yu…”

Ouyang Haoxuan laughed slightly, and his only left hand raised the Red Lotus Sword.
The Red Lotus Sword ignited, piercing into Sun Mingyuan’s abdomen.

At the next moment, Sun Mingyuan could no longer question Bai Hu; he could only let out a miserable wail.

His entire dantian was on fire, and the fire spread to his meridians, making him so painful that let alone speaking, even breathing was difficult for him. Except for rolling on the ground and screaming in pain, he couldn’t do anything.

Bai Hu looked at Sun Mingyuan’s miserable appearance with a little shock. He looked at Ouyang Haoxuan and muttered, “What kind of spiritual power are you cultivating? How can it be so powerful? I remember that this Elder Sun is also cultivating fire spiritual power right? He actually rolls on the ground like a roasted pig?”

Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth raised a gentle smile. He said with a casual tone, “This fire will burn for twelve hours. Don’t worry, he can do nothing but scream and howl during these twelve hours, but he won’t die. Even the water from the thousand years glacier will not extinguish the flames on him.”

“This… what kind of fire is this?”


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