The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 841: Replantation of Severed Limbs?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 841: Replantation of Severed Limbs?

Although his other hand was fractured, the fracture was very clean, so the treatment was very simple.

Hexi raised her eyebrows when she heard what the soldiers said, “The replantation of severed limbs of the martial artist needs to be done within a dozen hours. If it is ordinary people, it must be done within 6 hours. If it exceeds this duration, even I can’t help it. Moreover, the severed limbs that can be sutured usually are those with a clean cut wound, and the meridians must not be damaged. Otherwise, even if it is sewn up, it is just useless dead cells which will rot sooner or later.”

When the soldiers heard Hexi’s words, the expressions on their faces became more depressed and sad.

“But…” Hexi paused and continued, “Although the limb cannot be replanted, if a prosthesis is installed, walking like ordinary people is absolutely not a problem.”

This Miluo Continent was a world of cultivation, and various spirit plants were planted in her void.

Some spirit plants had very strong rhizomes, just like pines and cypresses, but the roots of these spirit plants were much stronger than pines and cypresses. They were also born with spirit.

If these were made into artificial limbs, although it was impossible to be as flexible as before, there was no problem in living like ordinary people. Even lifting heavy objects and waving swords were not difficult.

With the help of spiritual power in this world, she had dozens of ways to make the compatibility of the prosthesis and the original body to be more than 90%. These prostheses did not need to be removed, nor did they cause pain.

The soldiers’ eyes widened when they heard this. Someone couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Miracle Healer Xi, are you telling the truth?”

“My brother can really stand up again?”

“My father can live like ordinary people?”

“Miracle Healer Xi, are you an eight grade doctor? You can reshape people’s severed limbs? But that must require a lot of rare materials right?”

Hexi held Ouyang Haoxuan’s arm with one hand, checking the bone fracture with her spiritual power.

Hexi couldn’t help frowning and said, “I’m not an eight grade doctor, and I don’t know what method the eight grade doctor uses to reshape the severed limb.”

Speaking of which, I really want to see how this world can truly reshape the limbs. That is almost against the common sense of medical science right? How can it be done?

After a pause, she continued, “The prosthesis I’m talking about requires only a small amount of thousands years old fine iron and a main branch of the songyang wood over a hundred years old.”

“It only needs thousands years old fine iron and songyang wood?!” Some of the soldiers couldn’t help but exclaimed, “These are not expensive. I saw a few hundreds years old songyan wood in the Longhu Mountain!!!”

“I also have thousands years old fine iron at my home!”

“Miracle Healer Xi, is this really enough?”

The so-called thousands years old fine iron came along in the crystal stone mine. Although it was expensive, it was not rare.

And the songyang wood more than a hundred years old could be found in many dense jungles.

They are not the rare materials used by eight grade doctor to reshape body parts. We can’t get those rare treasures even if we try our best for a lifetime. However, our relatives can live a normal life with just thousands years old fine iron and songyang wood?

Is all this true?

The soldiers thought of their family members who had lost hope in their lives and that they might get better, and their eyes were red.

Someone knelt down first and kowtowed to Hexi, “Miracle Healer Xi, please save my father. As long as you can make my father stand up again and make my father live like a normal person again, I’m willing to do anything for you!”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》