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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 847: Lucky

Chen Guang took a deep breath. Isn’t this formation too powerful? And the formation process is so simple, it can be said that it is the most suitable formation on the battlefield.

Hexi was very dissatisfied with the [Seven Star Death Seal Formation], for no other reason, too weak. By gathering a maximum limit of 7 people, it could only kill the martial artist at the Meridians Stage. For her who could simply find an opponent above the Gold Core Stage, it was useless.

But this [Seven Star Death Seal Formation] was recorded in the Record of Everything by Old Man Xu Mi. Hexi let Nangong Yu read it. He also didn’t know how to improve it. He just said that the formation seemed simple, but it had the power that didn’t belong to the Miluo Continent. It couldn’t be changed easily.

But this formation was useless for Hexi and her little ones, but it was very useful for Zhenwei Army.

This was because the requirements for learning this formation were really low, and the supporting cultivation techniques were also very simple.

Chen Guang’s hands holding the few inscribed jade slips trembled even more. He put away all these inscribed jade slips like a hidden treasure and solemnly bowed to Hexi again.

“This is Zhenwei Army’s greatest luck to be able to serve mister after General Ouyang’s death!”

If Chen Guang knew that the inscribed jade slip he cherished was despised by his master + general, how would he feel?

But remembering that there were still many mortals in his army who couldn’t practice cultivation techniques, Chen Guang couldn’t help but raise this question.

Hexi shook her head and said nonchalantly, “The so-called mortals cannot cultivate cultivation techniques because their spiritual root is too impured that they couldn’t absorb the spirit of heaven and earth. After a while, you count the number and go to Xi San to get the second grade bone muscle enhancement pill. They just have to take one bone muscle enhancement pill and soaked with medicine for a few days, then they will naturally begin to absorb spirit into their bodies.”

“Wh… what?!!!” Chen Guang was no longer shocked this time, but horrified, “Mortals can also cultivate? What kind of medicine is bone muscle enhancement pill?”

The Zhenwei Army was stationed outside the city all year round and had little contact with people. Apart from Ouyang Family-related matters, they didn’t know much about it.

His exclamation shocked all the Zhenwei Army soldiers. After hearing Chen Guang’s words clearly, the mortals who could not be cultivation suddenly felt ecstatic; they couldn’t believe their ears at all.

Hexi waved her hand and said, “Don’t get too excited. You all only have 2 months to adjust. In 2 months, people who are able to cultivate initially need to learn the 1st level of the supporting cultivation techniques of the Seven Star Death Seal Formation. People who could not cultivate must be able to absorb spirit into their bodies. 2 months later, you all will be tested in the Ice Snow Domain.”

“I will let Xi Jia and the others supervise your training. Only if you pass the test I set through diligent training, can you rest or leave here to visit your family. If most people can’t survive…”

Hexi’s mouth revealed a grim smile, “I don’t think you guys want to try the punishment of ice and fire!”

Although they didn’t what the punishment of ice and fire was, most people still trembled all over.

However, compared to the unknown test, everyone still couldn’t help having tears in their eyes when looking at the wonderland-like environment around them.

A soldier couldn’t help but stepped forward and asked Hexi carefully, “Mister, I… can I bring my family to live here?”


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