The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 851: The Benevolence Hall
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 851: The Benevolence Hall

Xi San just happened to see this scene when going to Shengde Hall. Seeing this scene, he immediately came up and said to the captain of the Iron Kirin Army, “Captain Lin, to be honest. Although Doctor Tang and these menservants are working in Benevolence Hall, they aren’t Feng Family’s people. They are just hired; they know nothing. They also take good care of our Shengde Hall usually.”

The squad leader surnamed Lin inherited the usual cold-faced character of Iron Kirin; his complexion did not change, but his attitude toward Xi San was very respectful.

Each of them in Iron Kirin knew that Shengde Hall’s owner was their future princess. How could the princess’s confidant be easily offended? Even if the princess was not angry, their master would have to skin them off!

Captain Lin quickly ordered them to release Doctor Tang and the group of menservants.

As soon as Doctor Tang was free, he knelt down in front of Xi San in tears, “Shopkeeper Xi, your life-saving grace, I really don’t know how I return it…”

The menservants of the Benevolence Hall also knelt down to Xi San. One of them was once a medicinal apprentice in Shengde Hall. At this time, he was even more ashamed and couldn’t lift his face. He cried with tears, “Shopkeeper Xi, I abandoned Shengde Hall that day, but you are still willing to save me. Your great kindness…”

Xi San laughed and said, “It’s just a simple help, how can that be kindness? What’s more, you all are not from the Feng Family, so I’m telling the truth. How can it be considered great kindness? But if you really want to thank me, why not work in my Shengde Hall? Our branches are opening one after another. Now, we are lacking people with experience like you. Especially Doctor Tang, if we have you have to be in charge of a branch, that would be a blessing for our Shengde Hall!”

Doctor Tang and the other menservants others looked at each other. They could see the ecstasy in each other’s eyes!

Today’s Shengde Hall was totally different from the old Shengde Hall. Everyone couldn’t wait to work for them. They heard that even the lowest class servant could get the upper grade medicinal pills.

Now that they had been invited by Xi San to work in Shengde Hall, how could they not burst into tears with excitement?

Doctor Tang and these menservants nodded again and again, expressing their infinite willingness to join. The misery and despair just now had turned into ecstasy.

Dr. Tang remembered something at this moment. He turned around and tremblingly said to Captain Lin, “Cap… Captain, you come to Benevolence Hall, are you… looking for Doctor Chang Sheng?”

Captain Lin’s eyes lit up and nodded, “You know where he is?”

Physician Tang pondered for a moment and said, “Doctor Chang was still in Benevolence Hall a few days ago, and I haven’t seen him leave. I guess he hasn’t left here. Besides, there is a spot among the flowers in the backyard of Benevolence Hall. The hidden cellar seems to be left by the former owner. I guess Doctor Chang will hide there!”

Captain Lin was overjoyed and immediately asked people to search. After a while, he saw several Iron Kirin soldiers walking over with Chang Sheng who looked embarrassed with disheveled hair.

Chang Sheng’s face was full of horror at this time; the arrogance and loftiness of the fourth rank doctor were no longer there.

The soldiers threw him in front of Captain Lin. His face hit the handle of the long blade in Captain Lin’s hand, and he trembled in fear. “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I’m the fourth rank doctor; I have saved many lives. The Doctors Association has issued an order that all doctors who have saved people have the right to death exemption… You can’t kill me!”


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