The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 852: Horrifying Look
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 852: Horrifying Look

Captain Lin sneered and said coldly, “Chang Sheng, you said you have saved many lives, so can you tell me how many lives have been killed by following Hei Sha? A conscienceless doctor like you, letting you live in this world is the greatest sin!”

As he said, the tip of the long blade slid against his neck.
Chang Sheng instinctively backed off, but he still felt a pain in his throat. His hair on the side also fell down. He was scared witless instantly. He shouted, “Arhh—! I’m going to die! My head is chopped off!”

In fact, it was just a small wound on his throat, and only a few strands of his disheveled hair were cut off, but he was so afraid that he lost his mind. Even his shit and urine came out.

Xi San, Doctor Tang and others who watched this scene couldn’t help laughing.

When Chang Sheng heard the laughter, he realized that his head was still there. He was ashamed, then he looked desperately and fearfully at the long blade that was raised in Captain Lin’s hand again.

Just when he thought he was going to die, there was a sudden commotion outside the Benevolence Hall.

Immediately afterward, a person with disheveled hair rushed in. He shouted some meaningless sentences and his movements were crazy, but his strength was terrifying.

Iron Kirin’s soldiers tried to stop him, but they were pushed back for several meters by him instead.

As soon as this person rushed in, everyone smelled a strange fragrance mixed with blood.

It was obviously a fragrance, but it made people feel nauseous when smelling it. It even had a kind of unstoppable irritability.

Xi San was more shocked than everyone else. He seemed to have smelled it somewhere before.

He couldn’t help but look at the person, and he was even more shocked by this look.

Since running Shengde Hall, Xi San had known many reputable and well-known people in Yanjing City. Especially the descendants of several major families. He could recognize most of them.

Many of these people tried to get close to him, hoping to buy the best quality pill, but they were often rejected.

As for the person in front of him, Xi San recognized at a glance. He was the descendant of the Huangfu Family, Huangfu Ming.

This Huangfuming was only twenty-five years old this year, but he was already at the intermediate stage of the Meridians Stage. In the Huangfu Family, he was known as a genius.

However, his cultivation had stagnated for some reason 3 years ago. He had been staying at the Meridians Stage without any improvement.

This situation continued until Huang Fuming bought a top-quality second-grade bone muscle enhancement pill from Shengde Hall, then his stagnant cultivation suddenly broke through to the middle stage.

Huang Fuming was overjoyed. From then on, he went to Shengde Hall every day to buy the best bone muscle enhancement pill. However, the best quality pill originally sold at Shengde Hall was very little, not to mention the most precious bone muscle enhancement pill.

So Huang Fuming waited for a month, but he couldn’t wait for the best bone muscle enhancement pill. Finally, he was ashamed into anger.

Xi San still remembered when he showed up for the last time, he sneered and said, “Do you think that only your Shengde Hall sells medicinal pills for enhancing cultivation? I tell you, I have already got medicinal pills that are better than the bone muscle enhancement pill. When I break through to the Gold Core Stage, I’ll demolish your damn shit Shengde Hall!”

Xi San had long been accustomed to the harsh words of such people, so he didn’t pay attention to Huangfu Ming’s words at all.

Who knew that after not seeing him for a month, he suddenly turned into such a horrifying state?


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