The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 854: Can’t Live Without I
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 854: Can’t Live Without I

Chang Sheng’s face was being pinched until it became purple. His eyes were full of panic, “You… you can’t kill me. If you kill me… you will become the same as Huangfu Ming. You will die too!”

The man shook off Chang Sheng and roared, “You have to explain this clearly!”

Chang Sheng coughed a few times. When he saw that these people really didn’t dare to kill him, he felt more relieved.

He smiled triumphantly, “This cold eating pill is made from a few rare medicinal materials and the cold eating flower cultivated carefully by our Feng Family. As long as you have eaten the cold eating pill, you will be inseparable from it for a lifetime. Didn’t you realize that every time you ate the cold eating pill, you would get restless and anxious if you didn’t take another pill after half a month?”

“Once you don’t take the pill for more than half a month, you will fall into madness. You can’t wait to dig out your own flesh and blood. In order to take the cold eating pill again, even if I let you be a dog or pig, you will still beg me for it without hesitation. If you still couldn’t get the cold eating pill after a month, then you will all die.”

In the last sentence, Chang Sheng’s face was already full of sinister smiles, “From the day you took the cold eating pill, you have become the puppets of the Feng Family. You either swear allegiance to our Feng Family or dying slowly in living hell! Hahaha…”

Chang Sheng’s laughter still reverberated in the room, and the crowd had all quieted down with extremely ugly expressions.
Their hearts were full of fear, and the gazes looking at Chang Sheng were full of dread and resentment. They wished they could tear him into pieces.

But no one had the guts to really tear Chang Sheng apart because their lives were in the hands of this despicable person.

At the earliest, the medicinal pills in Yanjing City were spread from Murong Mansion.

In order to expand the sales of the cold eating pill, the Murong Mansion even launched a period of promotion to provide free cold eating pills to the martial artists.

When the cold eating pill was first taken, it could expand the meridians and increase spiritual power. Therefore, it could make people feel that their cultivation had improved in a short time.

The martial artists who tasted the sweetness began to scramble to buy. Especially those elite children of famous families who could afford the cost of medicinal pills and were extremely eager to improve their strength. After discovering the effectiveness of the cold eating pill, they naturally bought the pills crazily.

As for those martial artists, who got the pills as a free gift, could only give up regretfully taking the cold eating pill for a period of time because they couldn’t afford the high price.

But after giving up taking the cold eating pill, they found that something terrible had happened.

Their bodies desperately desired cold eating pills to the extent that they couldn’t cultivate and think. They felt like their bodies were going to explode.

They had to cry and beg to Murong’s house, begging Murong’s family to give them another cold eating pill.

These low-level martial artists later disappeared. They either became the loyalist of the Feng Family or they died miserably in unknown places because of their resistance.

In this way, no martial artist knew the true effect of the cold eating pill.

This situation continued until the Murong Family was exterminated, and the cold eating pill supplied to the Yanjing City’s martial artists also disappeared.

After the cold eating pill disappeared, those people who had taken the pills had symptoms of addiction, such as irritability, anxiety, regressive cultivation, and hot temper… When they were looking for the cold eating pill all over the street, they finally found it from the Benevolence Hall.

After the Benevolence Hall opened again, it started selling the cold eating pill.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》