The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 860: Whimsical Though
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 860: Whimsical Though

Facing Chang Sheng’s ridicule, Hexi slowly shook her head and said, “You know the medicinal properties of cold eating pill quite well. It seems that you have really participated in the refining of the cold eating pill, and you naturally have harmed many people.”

Chang Sheng said nonchalantly, “I of course participated in the refining of the cold eating pill. I know the pill formula and the effect of the cold eating pill clearly. In order to verify the effect of the improved cold eating pill, I found dozens of martial artists to do experiments, stopping them from taking the cold eating pill from half a month to a month.”

“Haha, in the end, even if I let them kneel on the ground to eat shit, they did accordingly. The medicinal properties of cold eating pill can’t be overcome by human will at all. Xi Yue, you want to cure the cold eating pill, in your dream. Hahaha…”

Hexi sneered, “You will know soon whether I’m dreaming or not.”

With that, she glanced at Qing Luan next to her.
Qing Luan immediately took out a medicinal pill from his arms and walked to Huangfu Ming.

Huangfu Cheng stopped Qing Luan quickly. He said nervously, “What do you want to do?”

Qing Luan glanced at him coldly, “If you want your son to survive, just move aside.”

Although Qing Luan was Zhu Que, 1 of the 4 confidants of the King of Hell Mansion, Zhu Que who was walking outside before was not her, but the one in the Spirit Sealing Prison. Therefore, Huangfu Cheng knew Xuan Wu, but not her.

However, Qing Luan had the cultivation of the Gold Core Stage, and she was picked out of the hidden camp from a hundred miles away. The aura exuded from her body made Huangfu Cheng stepped aside after trembling.

Qing Luan no longer paid attention to Huangfu Cheng. She pinched Huangfu Ming’s chin, who was still wailing and struggling, and stuffed the medicinal pill into his mouth.

Chang Sheng laughed more wildly when he saw this, “Xi Yue, you won’t be thinking that just a single medicinal pill can make Huangfu Ming get better? You’re too whimsical!”

“Let me guess what medicinal pill you are using? Is it your best bone muscle enhancement pill from the Shengde Hall? Hahaha… I tell you, when the cold eating pill is acting, eating a pill that enhances spiritual power and meridians will only make him suffer more. In the end, he will even go crazy enough to dig out his heart.”

“By then, you are the one who kills Young Master Huangfu! Master Huangfu, you must not let this murderer go!”

Huangfu Cheng listened to Chang Sheng’s words, and his face turned green and white.

His eyes were red. He looked at Huangfu Ming who was still wailing, then he stared at Hexi fiercely.

Finally, he couldn’t help feeling the torment in his heart and threatened harshly, “Xi Yue, if my son is killed by you, I will definitely want you…”

Before Huangfu Cheng had finished speaking, he suddenly heard a long sigh from Huangfu Ming on the ground.

The original wailing and groaning stopped, and the hands that were scratching his body became relaxed.

He even murmured, “So comfortable… so comfortable…”

Huangfu Cheng was taken aback for a moment, then he immediately rushed in front of his son, picked him up, and said tremblingly said, “Ming’er, how do you feel?!”

Huangfu Ming opened his eyes laboriously and saw his father’s face full of anxiety. He couldn’t help but be puzzled, “Father, why are you here? Are you… aren’t you in retreat? Hss… what’s wrong with me??”

Huangfu Ming suddenly felt pain everywhere in his body. When he lowered his head and saw that his body was covered with blood and blood scars, he was shocked, “Father, me, what’s wrong with me? How come there are so many wounds on my body?!”


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