The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 862: End Up like This
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 862: End Up like This

Hexi shook the small glass bottle and said with a smile, “I extract it myself. The cold eating flower pollen in it is equivalent to the amount of 1000 cold eating pills. Didn’t you say that the cold eating pill is harmless right? Then, can you please try it now?”

Chang Sheng’s eyes widened in horror. He stepped back frantically, “No– no! No… please forgive me…”

In Liu Li Sect, he had seen how those people who had taken the cold eating pill for many years died.

That was more terrifying than a dry corpse. Only flesh and skin were left; their eyes protruded like they were unwilling to die.

No! No! I don’t want to become like that!

Before Hexi finished speaking, the martial artists who were protecting Chang Sheng among the crowd suddenly rushed over, grabbed the glass bottle in Hexi’s hand, and rushed toward Chang Sheng.
“Didn’t you just say that cold eating pill is a supplement? Didn’t you just say that watching others begging for you because of the cold eating pill drug makes you very happy? You can taste this now too!”

“Son of a bitch! You dare to tempt us to take the cold eating pill, and want to ruin our life. You should die now!”

They held down Chang Sheng; someone held the bottle and someone forced open Chang Sheng’s mouth. Seeing that he wanted to bit his tongue to commit suicide, someone pulled his chin down directly.

The liquid in the glass bottle was finally poured into Chang Sheng’s mouth.

In the next moment, everyone saw Chang Sheng’s eyes turn white. His body convulsed nonstop. After that, he yelled frantically and scratched his body until his flesh became mangled; until he felt nothing.

The most terrifying thing was that everyone saw Chang Sheng’s belly bulging out like a pregnant woman, and the flesh on his body, including his face, seemed to disappear.

In other words, these flesh and spirit were absorbed by the bulge on the belly.

After about 5 minutes, “bang“, along with Chang Sheng’s short scream, his flesh exploded and turned into a pile of dead meat.

Everyone was stunned by the scene.

Thinking that if they kept taking the cold eating pill, they would end up like this, they couldn’t help being terrified.

Suddenly, someone rushed to Hexi and knelt down, “Miracle Healer Xi, please save me! Please give me the antidote of the cold eating pill!”

There was the first person to kneel, then there was the second and the third. All of them looked at Hexi pleadingly as if looking at their last hope, hoping that she could save their lives.

Even Huangfu Cheng knelt down and pleaded again. Because in addition to Huangfu Ming, other people in the Huangfu Family also took the cold eating pill.

Hexi looked at the people kneeling in front of them with a cold expression, “Who said that the addiction in Huangfu Ming’s body has all been cured? To eradicate the addiction caused by the cold eating pill, you have to go through a 3 months withdrawal period. My pill can only ease the pain during the withdrawal period so that you can stay sane and endure it.”

This kind of medicinal pill was developed after her continuous improvement during the treatment of Gu Youlan.

Compared with the hardship of treating Gu Youlan at the beginning, now with this kind of medicinal pill, although they also needed to bear the pain of withdrawal, it was much more comfortable than Gu Youlan at the beginning.

After hearing Hexi’s words, not only were they not disappointed, but they believed even more that the young man, Miracle Healer, really had a way to treat them.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》