The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 863: Medical Sain
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 863: Medical Sain

Huangfu Cheng said loudly, “Miracle Healer Xi, as long as you can completely abstain my Huangfu Family people from the cold eating pill, my Huangfu Family is willing to listen to the commands of doctor. If I break my word…”

Hexi put his hands around her chest and interrupted him mercilessly, “No, it’s too fake. It’s better to buy with crystal stone instead. I do have a lot of medicinal pills at this stage of the cold eating pill. If you all want it, you can! Go to Shengde Hall to buy it. The price is clearly marked, and you won’t be fooled!”

Everyone in Benevolence Hall looked at her with wide-eyed eyes, not daring to breathe out.

If they could buy their life and freedom only with crystal stone, then why not!

They were now afraid that Miracle Healer Xi would renege, then no one could help them by the time!

Hexi added at the end, “If the crystal stone is not enough, you can use the spirit beast or spirit plant as a replacement. It doesn’t need to be rare, as long as it has enough portion.”

With that, she took out a storage ring and threw it to Xi San, saying softly, “I will leave everything to you.”
Not bad, as a result, Zhenwei Army’s rations are at least half resolved! She feels very satisfied.

Then Hexi quickly left Benevolence Hall under the escort of Xuan Wu and other Iron Kirin guards.

The rest of the people looked at Xi San and the storage ring in his hand.

The gaze was like a starving beast staring at the last piece of fat.

Xi San was not afraid at all. He threw the ring up, caught it, and returned to Shengde Hall with a smile.

He didn’t believe that these people dared to snatch it, otherwise was his identity of confidant butler of King of Hell’s princess for nothing? The Iron Kirins were patrolling everywhere outside.

Moreover, what he enjoyed most was the feeling that everyone was rushing to flatter him and want to buy medicinal pills from him!

It’s cool to follow Miss. I almost become the most popular person in Yanjing City!


After 7 days of purging, Feng Family’s forces in Yanjing City were finally wiped out.

During this period, Iron Kirin also unearthed many secret bases that Feng Family endangered the people of Yanjing in Yanjing City.

The cellar in the backyard of Benevolence Hall was one of them. There were dozens of virgins with spiritual root qualifications. Chang Sheng originally planned to send these children out to Feng Family these days as raw materials for refining the cold eating pill.

In this cellar, there were still many poor people who were used as the nourishment of the dark spirit plant. Even the Iron Kirin soldiers were calm and self-restraint, their complexions changed seeing their unrecognizable appearances.

In the end, the broken corpses of the people who served as the nourishment for the dark spirit plant were sent out. Their relatives couldn’t help crying when they saw the corpses; they hated the Feng Family to their cores.

Coupled with the harm and sequelae caused by cold eating pill to everyone in Yanjing City- Although Shengde Hall’s medicine could help people withdraw from cold eating pill, the process was very painful. Even after withdrawal, their cultivation would also regress.

Because this kind of conspiracy was exposed, the miserable appearances of the victims appeared, making the people in Yanjing City hated the Feng Family; they praised King of Hell Mansion and Iron Kirin for their actions to clean up the Feng Family forces.

The Shengde Hall owner, who could provide the antidote to the cold eating pill, was regarded as a medical saint by the people of Yanjing City.

For a time, the reputation of King of Hell Mansion and Shengde Hall reached their peak in Yanjing City.


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