The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 866: Was Abducted?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 866: Was Abducted?

“Oh, about this, after I took the alcohol, I of course find a good place to enjoy them! However, you see. All the alcohols are finished now, hehehe~“

Gu Liufeng sighed helplessly, “Then please wait for a while, I will send a letter to Xi Yue.”
“Okay okay! Do it now, quickly! Old man can’t wait anymore!”

Not long after Gu Liufeng sent the voice message talisman, Hexi arrived quickly.

It was just that she didn’t come alone, but she brought someone with her.

Standing on the left-hand side of Hexi was an unparalleled handsome young man. He stood side by side with Hexi. Although he did not show any intimacy with Hexi, the occasional action and eye expression could always blind the others.

The first thing the old man noticed was the man next to his disciple.
No matter it is appearance, talent, or momentum, my disciple is already shocking in that.

But the momentum of this man doesn’t get overwhelmed by my disciple, and he even gives an impression of protecting my disciple in his wings.

Could this man be the sweetheart my little disciple mentioned before?

Tsk tsk, how old my disciple is? She is actually abducted by a man so early?

In the future, aren’t the delicacies and alcohol made by my little disciple will all be given to this kid?

Tsk! What’s so good about this kid? Isn’t he just looks a little more handsome, has a little higher cultivation base, and has a little more amazing aura…

The old man assessed Nangong Yu up and down; Nangong Yu was also looking at the old man with a strange light flashing in his eyes.

Hexi did not notice the turbulent waves between the two.

She stepped forward and said with a frown, “Master, I’m actually not your apprentice but your professional winemaker right?”
“Aiya, my good disciple, why did you say this? You’re master’s most favorite disciple, hehe~~”

Hexi sneered, “What kind of master who likes his disciple will leave without saying goodbye repeatedly? Only when there is no alcohol will he come to the door? I’m not your professional winemaker, who am I then?”

The old man was very guilty when he heard that. He immediately said apologetically with a smile, “Aiyaya, I’m getting older, so I forgot to tell the good disciple! Good disciple, don’t be angry. For the alcohols…”

Hexi gave him an angry look, but she still took out a few large jars of alcohol.

Once the lid of one of the jars of alcohol was lifted, the old man smelled a pungent scent of alcohol that was mixed with strong spiritual power. It immediately aroused him.

Seeing him staring at the alcohols with straight eyes, Hexi couldn’t help but smiled triumphantly, “Master, this is the strongest alcohol disciple has made. I name it ‘Immortal Drunk’. Master, didn’t you say my alcohol isn’t strong enough? I will let you taste a potent one this time.

This alcohol was brewed according to Erguotou‘s method in her previous life. She let Little Egg steam it 70 times repeatedly. Even an elephant would be drunk by it.

The old man was stunned for a long time. He shouted, pounced on the jar, held it and drank it.

The pungent heat entered his throat, bringing an extremely stimulating and refreshing feeling.

The old man yelled, “Good alcohol! Really good alcohol! Hahaha, I didn’t expect that in me, Xuanqing’s, lifetime, I can still drink such good alcohol. My life is really worthy!”

Obviously, the old man really loved these alcohols; he was very satisfied with it.
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》