The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 868: You Are a Woman?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 868: You Are a Woman?

Immortal Xuan Qing nodded unwillingly, “Hmph! At least, you have a good taste!”

Then he thought of Nangong Yu’s identity, and his strength that was now considered powerful in the Miluo Continent. He then looked at the way he was fascinated by his disciple, and he couldn’t help but be delighted again.
Hehehe, if the old guy knew that his descendant is being so obedient to my disciple; he can only be a slave who doesn’t dare to disobey his wife, I wonder how angry will he be.

Among all the people onlookers, the most shocked was Shen Qingchuo.

When Xi Yue appeared just now, Shen Qingchuo was very surprised.

She stayed in Yanjing City for Xi Yue, but during this time, she followed Gu Liufeng to help out in this Virtue Home. She kept arguing with Gu Liufeng while taking care of the children, so she forgot about Xi Yue for a while.
Now that Xi Yue suddenly appeared, she was very happy. However, she suddenly heard that Xi Yue had a sweetheart already.

When she saw Nangong Yu holding Xi Yue’s hand without shyness, she couldn’t help being shocked.

She grabbed Gu Liufeng’s hand and asked in disbelief, “Heart, sweetheart? Wh…what heart…”

Gu Liufeng saw that she was nervous and shocked; she couldn’t even speak coherently. He couldn’t help asking with worry, “What’s the matter?”

Shen Qingchuo pointed at Nangong Yu and Hexi, and she said in a tremble, “They are, aren’t both of them… how come?”

Gu Liufeng was amused by the little girl’s reaction.

Seeing her fainting expression, he couldn’t help teasing her, “Don’t you know that man and man can be together in this world?”

“Ahh—!” Shen Qingchuo’s face turned pale.

Hexi heard the conversation between them, and she couldn’t help but glare at Gu Liufeng. She stepped forward and said openly to Shen Qingchuo, “Miss Shen, I’m sorry to not tell you before that I’m actually a woman. Xi Yue is just the man whom I disguise. It’s just a convenient identity for me to use outside.”

Shen Qingchuo covered her mouth and said in disbelief, “You… you are a woman? But… how could it be? How are you not a man?”

Hexi saw that her face turned green and white for a while, and she looked like she was about to cry. She couldn’t help but ask with concern, “Miss Shen, are you okay?”

Shen Qingchuo remembered his fascination with Xi Yue at the beginning; even all the seniors of the Qingxia Sect could see it.

I never expect that the person I fall in love with is actually a woman!

If my seniors and uncles know about it, how am I going to face their ridicule?

Also, Gu Liufeng. Shen Qingchuo couldn’t help but look at Gu Liufeng with tears and shame.

Gu Liufeng must have seen my eagerness toward Xi Yue. He must have known that Xi Yue is a woman, so he must be laughing at my action long ago, right?

For some reason, thinking that Gu Liufeng might laugh at her and look down on her, Shen Qingchuo felt that she was a hundred times sadder than knowing that Xi Yue was a woman! It’s a hundred times sadder than being laughed at by her seniors!

Hexi was still looking at Shen Qingchuo with doubt and concern.
The little girl from Qingxia Sect had a naive, hearty, and kind personality. She quite liked this little girl.

Xi Lang, who watched the excitement, said for fear that things wouldn’t go wrong, “Sister Shen doesn’t know that big brother is a woman, so she must be secretly in love with the big brother! Oh, no, I should be calling her big sister now!”


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