The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 871: Little Junior Sister Apprentice Married Well
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 871: Little Junior Sister Apprentice Married Well

Seeing her covering half of her face with the handkerchief and revealing the pair of big nervous eyes, he couldn’t help but patted her forehead lightly. He said with a faint smile, “En, it’s pretty stupid!”

However, you are cute because of the stupid!

After Gu Liufeng finished speaking, he turned around and said, “Okay, let’s go back. You just ran away while crying, so those little guys must be worried. Little Wan is still crying for Sister Chuo.”

“You — you call me stupid again!” Shen Qingchuo yelled and chased after him. While walking beside Gu Liufeng, she said angrily, “Don’t say I’m stupid, let alone laugh at me secretly. Otherwise, I will make you pay for it!”

Their voices gradually sounded far away, but the girl’s twittering voice came from afar with a vibrant voice.

Just beside the river where the 2 of them were standing, 2 young men in Qingxia Sect costumes slowly walked out, looking in the direction they left.
One of them said, “Senior, it seems that the junior sister apprentice is really in love this time. Should we report to Master’s Junior Shen?”

Another person laughed and said, “Master’s Junior Shen has already noticed it long ago. He is testing the character of that surname Gu!”

The former speaker sighed, “Little junior sister apprentice is the beloved sister of our Qingxia Sect. If he wants to marry her back, he will have to go through a lot of tests by then. Tsk tsk, I don’t know if this surname Gu can survive the tests. “

“We don’t need to worry about this. I heard that that surname Gu is the confidant of Mr. Xi Yue. Shengde Hall is basically under his operation. His future must be limitless. If junior sister apprentice marries him, then the cooperation between Shengde Hall and Qingxia Sect will be closer, which is also a blessing for us!”

“Woah, doesn’t that meant we get more best quality pills in the future? Haha~ Junior sister apprentice, you find a good man to marry!”


Hexi took Nangong Yu and Immortal Xuan Qing back to the courtyard.

As for driving away Nangong Yu, someone said something to the old man. Although the old man looked sulky, he allowed Nangong Yu to follow in the end.

As soon as they came to the courtyard, Hexi pretended to go to the back room to call out Xiao Chi from the void.

Xiao Chi was sleeping next to the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, so he was still a little drowsy when he was summoned.

Because of malnutrition in the cave, his original hair was very dry and rough.

After Hexi rescued him, she cut his hair short, but it had grown a lot now.

At this moment, he was rubbing his eyes with messy hair; his cuteness was indescribable.

Hexi couldn’t help but rubbed his messy hair. Xiao Chi suddenly woke up and hugged Hexi. He rubbed his head against her chest, and he said affectionately, “Sis… ter…”

Someone who watched this scene immediately became furious. This little pervert is getting more and more unruly.

He took a step forward, pulled Xiao Chi away from Hexi and threw him aside.

Xiao Chi suddenly woke up. He sobbed a few times aggrievedly, and he murmured at Nangong Yu with a pouting mouth. However, he didn’t dare to go against him. He just stood beside Hexi obediently and tugged her sleeve.

The old man’s gaze kept moving on him and Hexi since Xiao Chi appeared.

The boy in front of him looked like 16 years old. His facial features were similar to Hexi, but his figure was thinner than Hexi as a girl. His expression was even more muddleheaded. The old man had noticed something abnormal at a glance.


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