The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 873: Siam Continen
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 873: Siam Continen

“An Lingyue?” The old man frowned. He thought hard for a while, but he still shook his head in the end. “I don’t have any impression; I have never heard of the name.”

Hexi remembered something, and she took out the portrait she got from Nalan Zhengze and unfolded it to the old man.
The old man only glanced at the portrait, then his expression changed. He frowned tightly.

He looked at his disciple with a complicated expression, and he slowly said, “Are you sure she is your biological mother?”

Hexi nodded, “Doesn’t master think that my mother and I look alike?”

The old man was stunned. Ugh… he really had no idea about people’s looks (commonly known as face blindness), so when he first saw Nangong Yu, he didn’t realize that he had once met this kid.

It was later that Nangong Yu exuded the powerful aura that made feel him familiar, then he recognized it with keen perception.
It was the same as this portrait. He did not recognize the person on the portrait, nor did he realize that the person on the portrait was very similar to his disciple. He just…

The old man was silent for a long while before his expression condensed slightly, “Actually, I don’t know your mother, but I have seen the exact same portrait like this one.”

“Portrait? You have seen this portrait?” Hexi opened her eyes slightly, “Does master know the identity of my mother?”

The old man shook his head and said, “Your mother should not be from this continent, and it is very likely that she is not from my realm too. When I saw your mother, I had not yet come to Miluo Continent. That time, I just came out from a closed-door training. I happened to meet a group of people looking for her with a portrait like this.”

Nangong Yu, who had been silent on the side, interrupted suddenly, “Immortal Xuan Qing is from the upper realm Siam Continent.”

Siam Continent? Hexi had heard of this continent long ago in the last words of Old Man Xumi.

This was a continent that had a richer spirit than the Miluo Continent, and almost all people living in it were cultivators.

As for the martial artists of the Miluo Continent, if they reached the Soul Splitting stage and survived the heavenly tribulation, they could fly to the Siam Continent.

Hexi has always thought that the Siam Continent was similar to the heaven, the highest place. Could there be more planes above the Siam Continent? What kind of existence will that be?

Hexi quickly said, “Master, do you know who are looking for An Lingyue?”

The old man shook his head and said, “I don’t know most of those people, but I can feel that their cultivation is unfathomable. Moreover, I know one of them. That person is a sect master of the largest sect in the Siam Continent, but he was respectful to those people, even to the point of humility!”

What kind of person can make the sect master of the largest sect in the Siam Continent to be humble?

Hexi frowned, and she suddenly became curious about her and Xiao Chi’s life experience.

Why did An Lingyue come to Miluo Continent, a very low-level plane for her? Why did she put a seal on me and Xiao Chi’s dantian?

The old man rolled up the scroll and handed it to Hexi, then he said with a serious face, “Good disciple, from now on you shouldn’t take out this painting anymore, let alone let anyone see it. That group of people in the Siam Continent all looked fierce and evil. They must not have good intentions.”

Hexi nodded, then she hesitated, “Will others recognize me from my appearance?”


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