The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 876: The Feng Family’s Meeting
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 876: The Feng Family’s Meeting

Moreover, in just seven days, the Iron Kirin army of King of Hell Mansion checked all the Feng Family’s strongholds and people in Yanjing City; all the forces of the Feng Family were done in one go.

This last news was more shocking than Hei Sha’s death.
Feng Yunjing had just recovered, then he was informed hurriedly by a servant to the Feng Family’s meeting.

Feng Yunjing was injured by Ouyang Haoxuan in the Breaking Spirit Mountain. Those injuries weren’t that serious at the time, so he didn’t care too much.

But after coming back, he took medicinal pills for healing and rested for a period of time, the injuries still didn’t recover.

Moreover, the wound that had been burned by the flame became more and more painful later. Even his spiritual power was corroded and swallowed by these wounds.

At this time, Feng Yunjing began to panic. He quickly found his father Feng Tianba.

Feng Tianba found the “ten thousand years old ice crystal jade” to expel the fire spiritual power from him, only then he slowly recovered.

However, because of this that the Feng Family’s father and son wanted Fire Element Spirit Pearl even more.

Ouyang Haoxuan just blew his gold core that merged with the spirit pearl slightly; it didn’t even exert 1% of the power, and it already had such a powerful force.

If so, what if the Feng Family got the complete Fire Element Spirit Pearl?

Because of this, Feng Tianba dispatched the Black Law Protector, 2 hall masters and a dozen of Gold Core Stage masters to Yanjing City and asked them to find Ouyang Haoxuan.

When Feng Yunjing heard that Feng Family’s operation in Yanjing City had failed and that Black Law Protector and the 2 hall masters had died, he couldn’t believe his ears.

He was very clear about Hei Sha’s capabilities. Although he was at the Nascent Soul stage like Bai Sha, Hei Sha was much more powerful than Bai Sha because he was cultivating evil techniques.

In particular, his soul refining flag was far unmatched by the ordinary Nascent Soul stage martial artists.

But, Hei Sha actually died? What’s more, he died in the hands of Nangong Yu?

Feng Yunjing hurried to Feng Tianba’s study room. As soon as he opened the door, he saw that the study room was full of people.

Looking up, it was actually the elders of the Feng Family. All of whom were sitting here except for those who were in a retreat.

Feng Yunjing didn’t dare to be arrogant in the face of these elders. He hurriedly bowed to the elders, then he sat down by the side.

Feng Tianba waited for Feng Yunjing to sit down before making a long sigh, “I’m afraid everyone knows about what happened in Yanjing City!”

The faces of the Feng Family’s great elders were very ugly.

Feng Yunjing could not help asking, “Father, was Hei Sha really killed by Nangong Yu? How could he have the ability to kill Hei Sha? What’s more, there were 2 hall masters supporting Hei Sha!”

Feng Tianba said with a stern face, “I told you earlier that Nangong Yu’s strength is unfathomable. His special physique and identity are destined to make his cultivation progress thousands of times faster than ordinary people. However, I did not expect that he has already been able to kill Hei Sha in his twenties. Such potential is really terrifying!”

When Feng Yunjing heard Feng Tianba praising Nangong Yu highly, he couldn’t help feeling sulky.

He immediately retorted, “Father, I don’t think Hei Sha is necessarily killed by Nangong Yu. Nangong Yu only broke through to the Gold Core Stage at the age of 15. Although we don’t know when he broke through to the Nascent Soul stage, it is just about 3 years until now. With just 3 years, how can he reach the intermediate level of the Nascent Soul stage and be able to fight against Hei Sha? Or even kill him?”


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