The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 878: Feng Family’s Loss
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 878: Feng Family’s Loss

Even Xi Yue, the woman he liked, rejected him and chose Nangong Yu.

How could he not hate him? How could he not want to tear Nangong Yu’s body into pieces?
Nangong Yu’s topic came to an end, the great elder slowly looked around and said in a deep voice: “Today we gather together mainly to discuss the recent loss of our Feng Family, and then we will discuss the countermeasures and solutions together. “

“As for Nangong Yu, he is just young and impetuous. He doesn’t want to be controlled by us anymore. What’s more, he still has a hidden danger in his body. In short, he poses no threat to our Feng Family. The biggest problem of our Feng Family is not the King of Hell Mansion.”

The great elder’s words made everyone present a somber expression.

In fact, in just these few months, the Feng Family’s loss was too heavy.

The first was the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.

Originally, they had made sufficient preparations to enter the secret realm, hoping that Feng Lianying could get the Purple Golden Palace inheritance, and Feng Yunjing and the others could get the Tree Spiritual Eye. But as a result, Feng Family finally got nothing. Feng Lianying also appeared disheveled in front of others, losing her face and even damaging the reputation of the Feng Family.

Immediately afterward, the Jiang Family and the Murong Family fell.

There were countless dark spirit plants cultivated in the underground laboratory of the Jiang Family. It was one of the most important laboratories of the Feng Family. However, it was completely burned by fire. Until now, no one knew who did it.

The Murong Family was the same. The virgin boys and girls collected in it were robbed overnight, and even the precious cold eating flower disappeared.

Later on Breaking Spirit Mountain, Feng Yunjing finally found the whereabouts of Fire Element Spirit Pearl. Who knew Ouyang Haoxuan suddenly self-exploded, not only he killed Bai Sha and wounded Feng Yunjing, but he also escaped in the end. Moreover, Feng Lianying’s obscene actions were being filmed at Breaking Spirit Mountain, making Feng Family the laughing stock of the entire Miluo Continent overnight.

Then, it was the destruction of the Liu Li Sect and the sale of the Qingxia Sect’s medicinal pills.

These 2 were the important matters that truly shook the Feng Family’s foundation.

The destruction of the Liu Li Sect caused the Feng Family to break an arm. The dead warriors who had been trained with cold eating pills were killed overnight. Moreover, every major family in the Miluo Continent had also questioned the strength of the Feng Family because of the destruction of the Liu Li Sect. Many families that originally attached to them had now faintly moved out of control.

What made the Feng Family most angry was the upper grade and even best quality pill sold by the Qingxia Sect and Shengde Hall.

They didn’t know where these medicinal pills came from. There was actually a constant supply, and the quality of these medicinal pills was much higher than the medicinal pills produced by the Doctors Association. As a result, Feng Family’s coercion and monopoly on upper grade medicinal pills had become weaker and weaker.

Although the number of medicinal pills provided by the Qingxia Sect was certainly not comparable to that of the entire Doctors Association, all of the medicinal pills sold by the Qingxia Sect were upper grade medicinal pills. There were also a small number of best quality pills that most martial artists were eager for.

Each matter rolled up like a snowball, accumulating little by little. Finally, it became a great deal that could shake the Feng Family’s foundation.

The more the several elders enumerated, the angrier they were. They were in a heated discussion. In the end, it turned into a mutual condemnation.

During this period, Feng Yunjing received a particularly severe scolding.

Because almost every matter was related to him or Feng Lianying.


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