The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 879: Remedial Measures
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 879: Remedial Measures

Feng Yunjing’s face was distorted for a while. He looked so unsightly that it could almost drop water out of it.

Feng Tianba saw that they were getting more and more absurd, so he finally slapped the table furiously, “Shut up! Now is not the time to shirk responsibility! Those happened in the past, what’s the use of talking about them? What we want to think about now is how to remedy it. Since we are at this stage already, you all only care about blaming each other. Do you want others to continue treating our Feng Family like a joke?”

Feng Tianba’s words made the angry crowd quiet a bit.

The face of the great elder was also extremely ugly. He said sullenly, “I always feel that there seems to be an invisible hand touching the vitals of our Feng Family. Otherwise, how could just a small Shengde Hall and an inexperienced Miracle Healer Xi Yue let our Feng Family end up in such a disastrous situation?”

Feng Tianba nodded and said. “Great elder is right. What we have to do now is to remedy the loss of the Feng Family, then find out who is the mastermind.”

Another elder couldn’t help but sneered, “Patriarch, you said it’s easy. You said remedy, do you have any idea on how to remedy it? The dark spirit plant was ruined completely, the whereabouts of Fire Element Spirit Pearl is missing, and even the production of the cold eating pill is reduced. What’s more, people are afraid of taking the cold eating pill due to the incident that happened in Yangjing City. It won’t be easy to cheat people to consume buy it now.”

The great elder frowned and said, “In any case, the most important thing for us now is to make up the dark spirit plant first. The Venerable will be out soon. If there is no supply of the dark spirit plant, any of us can’t afford to bear the blame.”
Feng Tianba nodded and said, “Although the time is too urgent, we will need to get more [feed]. We must make up enough portion before the Venerable comes out from close doors cultivation.”

The second elder sitting beside the great elder continued, “And also cold eating pills. Now the 2 production bases of the Murong Mansion and Benevolence Hall have disappeared. The production of the cold eating pill has dropped sharply. Other countries are not as weak as and as easy to control as the Jin Ling Kingdom. But now Nangong Yu has occupied the Jin Ling Kingdom. If this continues, I’m afraid the cold eating pill will be out of supply.”

The second elder said that the supply would be out of supply, referring to the dead warriors who were still controlled by the Feng Family with cold eating pill.

If without cold eating pill, these dead warriors would go crazy and die in the end, which was another huge loss for Feng Family.

The old man with a white beard and hair sitting next to Feng Tianba had been squinting his eyes all the time. At this moment, he nodded slowly after listening to these few people.

“Although these 2 matters are urgent, there is a possibility of remedy. Eldest Brother, Second Brother, I will let you 2 handle these; remember to do secretly.”

The great elder and the second elder immediately bowed and said, “Yes, great grand elder.”

The old man who was called great grand elder then looked at Feng Tianba, “Tianba, where did you say the medicinal pills of the Qingxia Sect come from?”

Feng Tianba hurriedly said respectfully, “They got them from a small medicine hall called Shengde Hall. This Shengde Hall was originally inconspicuous. It was not until a boy named Xi Yue took over the medicine hall and began to sell the best quality pills. The supply of medicinal pills is getting bigger and bigger. Recently, I even heard that they are even selling the best quality pill of fourth grade.”

The elder frowned, “Since you know who did it, can’t you catch him to serve our Feng Family?”


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