The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 881: Relegated to Concubine
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 881: Relegated to Concubine

“From now on, I will be the emperor’s cousin, Jin Ling Kingdom’s uncle. If you serve me well, I will not treat you badly in the future, hahaha…”

The woman’s eyes brightened upon hearing this. She leaned toward Zhu Zhongba more eagerly. She even clung to his neck, crossed her snow-white legs and sat on Zhu Zhongba’s lap.

“You say that you will not treat me badly in the future, but I’m at least a miss of a well-known family. Am I just marrying Master Zhu to be your concubine?”

Her red lips gently touched Zhu Zhongba’s ears, and she breathed into his ear, “I admire the mighty wisdom of Master Zhu. Even if I can only marry Master Zhu as a concubine, I will accept it. But how can I bear a woman with no family and no reputation be on top of me?”

As she said, she glanced at Nalan Feixue, who was trembling with a pale face, and said, “If you want me to recognize such a woman as the mistress, and I even have to kowtow to her and offer her tea, I’m not willing. How shameful will that be to our Zhang Family!”

This woman came from the Zhang Family. The Zhang Family was not a family in Yanjing City, but a family located in Lixi City that was adjacent to Yanjing City. Although Lixi City was not as prosperous as Yanjing City, it was also a wealthy city. The Zhang Family was a well-known wealthy business family in Lixi City. They had many business contacts with Zhu Family.

Zhu Zhongba had long been instructed by his father to marry the miss of this family as a concubine, so as to better consolidate the cooperation between the 2 families.

In addition, this Zhang Nu’er looked really enchanting and plump. His soul was lost by half by looking at her. He couldn’t wait to get her into bed right away.

Hearing that, he immediately glared at Nalan Feixue who was aside and said fiercely, “Bitch, get the fuck over here!”

Nalan Feixue trembled all over. Her pale face was filled with deep fear, and she shrank even more and curled herself up into the corner.

Seeing that she was disobedient, Zhu Zhongba’s face suddenly trembled. He ruthlessly tightened the natural silk rope in his hand.

Nalan Feixue screamed, then she was violently dragged in front of Zhu Zhongba by the natural silk.

Her forehead knocked on the coffee table, and her blood immediately splashed around. The scene was terrible

However, Zhu Zhongba didn’t seem to see it at all. He slapped her face and said in disgust, “Bitch, you see it? It’s all because you are not virtuous and incompetent, but you still occupy the position of the wife. Now you make me being laughed at!”

Nalan Feixue covered her face and burst into tears.

Zhu Zhongba raised his hand and slapped her again, then he spat out saliva on her face, “I’m really so unlucky that I married you bitch. I still hope to get some benefits from your dad and sister. Who knows that just after you married, Nalan Zhengze was dead; the Nalan Family was also gone. Your sister doesn’t even care about your life or death and disappeared by herself!”

“Bitch! I gave so many dowries, but all I got is nothing! You even dared to hit me on the first day of marriage. Are you really tired of living!?”

As Zhu Zhongba said, he raised his foot and kicked Nalan Feixue’s chest fiercely. Nalan Feixue was kicked down the steps and fell among the people who were having fun underneath.

The group of people couldn’t help saying while laughing, “Why does Master Zhu need to be angry for a woman? Isn’t she just a lowly maid? Now she has no father, no mother, and no power, even if you divorce her and relegate her to a concubine, who still dares to trouble you?”
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》