The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 884: Cultivate Evil Technique
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 884: Cultivate Evil Technique

Nalan Feixue’s originally stiff and cold body trembled suddenly, and her round eyes became bloodshot in an instant.

She opened her mouth slightly and felt that a powerful and cold dark power was slowly condensing and spreading in her dantian as if it was going to devour her soul.
Watching her open her mouth, Favus Wu thought she was enthusiastically serving him. He pounced up and bit the tender lips with his smelly mouth.

He even said vaguely, “Right, this is good. Be obedient, I will definitely let you enjoy the fun. Hahaha…”

While talking, he eagerly tore off Nalan Feixue’s skirt and trousers, and his hand slowly moved toward her lower body.

Suddenly, Favus Wu’s body became stiff, and all his movements stopped.

He widened his mouth and straightened up, staring straight at Nalan Feixue underneath. His eyes were full of horror.
Nalan Feixue sat up below him with a cold face and bloodshot eyes. She even had a devilish smile.

She slowly raised her left hand; her restrained hands were broken free. At this moment, her left hand was holding a pumping heart.

Favus Wu pointed at the heart, opened his mouth wide, and made a clicking sound.

Nalan Feixue exerted force and squashed the heart in her heart.
Favus Wu had his eyes wide open until he died; his face was full of fear.

Then Nalan Feixue did not hesitate to use a pair of slender snow-white hands to cut open Favus Wu’s stomach, dug out his dantian, and then swallowed it bit by bit.

After completely swallowing and absorbing Favus Wu’s dantian, Nalan Feixue let out a sigh of relief.

She picked up the inscribed jade slip on the ground that was stained with her blood, checked with Divine Sense, and then a cold smile was drawn on her mouth.

It turned out that this inscribed jade slip recorded a kind of cultivation technique called [Dan Dissolve Demonic Scripture]. (The Dan here refers to dantian)

There needs to be a trigger to cultivate demonic technique. The person must have resentment and malice toward the world and a strong desire to survive. This was also why Nalan Feixue couldn’t activate it when she got this.

This inscribed jade slip was obtained by Mrs. Nalan from Murong Mansion with Nalan Zhengze’s medicinal pills. Originally, she wanted a life-saving treasure. Who knew that Murong Feng gave her an evil technique jade slip.

Later, because of a series of things, Mrs. Nalan forgot about this inscribed jade slip. It was not until she saw Nalan Feixue’s miserable condition after marrying Zhu Zhongba that she remembered this inscribed jade slip.

So what if she cultivated evil technique and be dragged into hell? Wasn’t it hellish for Nalan Feixue to be tortured by Zhu Zhu Zhongba? Instead of that, she would rather turn her daughter into a demon!

Once someone initiated [Dan Dissolve Demonic Scripture], a powerful swallowing power would be generated in his body. By devouring mortal’s heart or dantian, he could obtain great power.

That’s right, devour the heart and dantian.

The higher the cultivation of the person being devoured, the greater the power Nalan Feixue could obtain.

After memorizing the [Dan Dissolve Demonic Scripture], Nalan Feixue squeezed and turned the jade slip into ashes.

She was naked standing in a blood pool at this time, but she felt no shame or fear at all.


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