The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 887: Mother-daughter Reunion
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 887: Mother-daughter Reunion

However, from now on, Nalan Feixue’s life would no longer have any light, nor did it need light.

She would dedicate her life to the devil and be with hell, only willing to collect blood debts from those who mistreated her.

Nalan Feixue walked down the stairs slowly and was about to go to Zhu Family courtyard when a figure suddenly rushed over.

It was a crazy woman covered in dirt and loose hair. Her body exuded a rancid smell.

As soon as she grabbed Nalan Feixue’s skirt, she immediately whispered in a hoarse and unpleasant voice, “Feixue… let me see Feixue… my daughter Feixue… please let me see my daughter!”

Nalan Feixue originally wanted to kick off the crazy woman, but she stopped.

She knelt down in disbelief, and she spread away the woman’s disheveled hair.
A sour smell mixed with the smell of rotting flesh could be smelled; an old and unfamiliar face under his hair.

The former Mrs. Nalan Murong Yaru was noble, elegant, and dignified, but the woman in front of her had sunken cheeks, wrinkled face, and gray hair on her temples.

However, Nalan Feixue recognized at a glance that it was Murong Yaru; her mother.

She stared at Mrs. Nalan in a daze for a long while, seeing her muddy and blurred eyes. She kept muttering “Feixue” even if Feixue was in front of her, she obviously lost her mind.
Even if Nalan Feixue was now heartless and had sold her soul to the devil, her soul couldn’t help tremble seeing her mother in such a state.

Mrs. Nalan was the only person in this world who treated her sincerely.

She was able to escape the final disaster in the Zhu Family and incarnate as a demon, it was because of the inscribed jade slip that Mrs. Nalan desperately gave her.

It could be said that if Nalan Feixue still missed anything in this world, it would only be Mrs. Nalan.

“Mother… Mother!” Nalan Feixue whispered in a soft voice, “Mother, I’m Feixue! I’m your daughter Feixue!”

“Feixue! Feixue!” As if stimulated by the name, Mrs. Nalan straightened up and fell to his knees, then she kowtowed to Nalan Feixue, “I beg you, let my daughter Feixue go. I only have her now! As long as you Zhu Family are willing to let my daughter go, I’m willing to do anything. I beg you…”

Nalan Feixue felt a soreness in her eyes. She stretched out her hand to cover her eyes, and her teeth clenched her lips tightly.

She thought that she had lost all the feelings of being a human, but it turned out that she would still tear.

Nalan Feixue gently hugged Mrs. Nalan into her arms and said in a sobbing tone, “Mother, don’t be afraid, I will take you home!”


Nalan Feixue took Mrs. Nalan back to the Zhu Family’s courtyard. She found out various valuable medicinal pills left by Zhu Zhongba, and she also transferred a lot of spiritual power to Mrs. Nalan.

When Mrs. Nalan woke up again, there was a trace of clarity in her eyes.

“Feixue–!” When Mrs. Nalan saw Nalan Feixue, she couldn’t help but sit up from the bed, grabbed her daughter’s hand, and cried, “Feixue, my daughter, I finally see you again! Sorry, mother is useless; it’s mother who harmed you…”

Nalan Feixue patted Mrs. Nalan’s hand lightly, and she said faintly, “Mother, its in the past. All the people in Zhu Family except Zhu Zhongba were killed by me. There is no one else can harm me in this world.”

“What?!” Mrs. Nalan was stunned for a while before repeating, “You… you killed everyone in the Zhu Family? How can you kill Zhu Family people?”


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