The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 888: Mrs. Nalan’s Resentmen
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 888: Mrs. Nalan’s Resentmen

Suddenly, as if thinking of something, she exclaimed, “Could it be that you cultivate the evil technique I gave you?”

Nalan Feixue nodded indifferently, “Thanks to mom giving me the inscribed jade slip that I can be reborn. Now, I’m no longer the Nalan Feixue who can be bullied at will!”

Mrs. Nalan was startled at first, but then cried loudly, “Feixue, Feixue, my poor daughter, it’s mother who made you fall!”

Cultivate evil technique could make people stronger, but they would also become sinner.

Once the sins were accumulated to a certain level and fall into the cycle of karma, heaven and earth would sentence the person with tribulation. Moreover, those who fell into the evil path were desperate and heartless. They didn’t have human emotion. After entering the six realms of reincarnation after death, they could no longer be reborn as human beings. They could only reincarnate into the animal realm.

When she thought of the daughter she cared for since young; when she thought of Nalan Feixue, who had been glorious, actually fell into such a situation, Mrs. Nalan was so painful that she wished she could replace her.

Nalan Feixue quietly watched Mrs. Nalan cried for a while, then she chuckled lightly, “Mother, don’t cry anymore, don’t blame yourself. Rather than live like an animal, I would rather suffer the sin after death. At least until then, I can make those who are sorry for me pay the price they deserve.”

As she said, she remembered about Nalan Family and couldn’t help but frown, “Mother, do you know what happened to Nalan Family? Who exterminated the Nalan Family?”

Mrs. Nalan was startled as if she remembered something. There was a violent tremor all over her body, and her pale face turned green as if she was engulfed in death.

She murmured, “It’s Nalan Hexi, Nalan Hexi killed the entire Nalan Mansion and sold Nalan Zhengze to the slave market…”

“Nalan Hexi, it really is her!” Nalan Feixue gritted her teeth gloomily, “Is she the one who caused you to be like this? Mother, don’t worry, I will never let this woman live a good life. I will get back what she owes me…”

“No! No!” Mrs. Nalan shook his head frantically, “Nalan Hexi did not harm me, she even saved me. The one who harmed me was… Nalan Yurong, the daughter I have loved for decades. Nalan Yurong! Wuuuu…”

“What are you talking about?!” Nalan Feixue was shocked, and she said in disbelief, “You said Nalan Yurong?! How could she harm you?!”

Mrs. Nalan’s eyes were filled with ashes-like despair, tears overflowed violently, and blood came out from her mouth.

Her face was sometimes distorted and sometimes dead, showing how much suffering and pain she was inside.

She told all the scenes that happened in Nalan Mansion, including Nalan Yurong who used her as a shield and indifferently watched her wailing in pain; including Nalan Zhengze, who only cared about An Lingyue’s relics, disregarded her life and death; including Nalan Hexi said at the end that she and Nalan Feixue were just 2 pawns of the Nalan Family. They were just pitiful people who were being used…

In the end, Mrs. Nalan couldn’t help crying, “Fei Xue, I hate it. I really hate the animals of the Nalan Family. I know Nalan Zhengze has always been ruthless and profit-oriented, but Nalan Yurong, I have loved her for thirty years. When she gave birth to her, she almost died in difficult labour.”

TL: Now they resent their own family… They never really stop resenting someone…


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