The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 891: Repay You Well
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 891: Repay You Well

Now her cultivation had been greatly improved after consuming all the dantians of Zhu Family. She no longer had to swallow the raw dantian, but she could use black qi to directly suck the dantian.

It was just that when facing some people, she preferred to eat the raw dantian, such as Zhu Yiqun.

Nalan Feixue kicked away the dead bodies and walked slowly in front of Nalan Zhengze.

Nalan Zhengze was tortured by the crystal stone impurities at this time. He opened his eyes when he heard the noise and saw Nalan Feixue standing in front of him.

There was a sudden burst of blazing light in his eyes. He widened his mouth, making “ah ah” sound.

His tongue had been cut off, so he couldn’t speak clearly, but it didn’t prevent him from making a vaguely excited voice, “Hui Xu (Feixue)… jiu ou (help me)…”

Nalan Feixue smiled slowly, “Father, what are you talking about? Are you asking me to save you?”
Nalan Zhengze nodded repeatedly. His eyes were filled with pleading and hope.

Nalan Feixue reached out and grabbed in the air, and a flying sword flew into her hand.

She gently danced the flying sword. Under Nalan Zhengze’s gaze full of excitement and expectation, the sword struck down.

Nalan Zhengze thought she was going to untie his rope.

Who knows, as soon as the sword fell, he felt severe pain in his hands and feet.

The rope was untied, but his hands and feet were cut off as well.

“Ahhh—!” Nalan Zhengze screamed harshly, listening to Nalan Feixue’s cold words.

“My dear father, when I was taken back by Zhu Zhongba, I also asked you for help. I hoped you could give me a hand. At that time, how did you respond to me?”

Nalan Zhengze opened his mouth wide and stared at Nalan Feixue. His eyes were full of disbelief, then that disbelief turned into deep resentment, “Ye zha (vile spawn), yi hui ou tian qi e (you will be condemned by God)!!!”

“What is father talking about?” Nalan Feixue raised her brows and sneered, “Oh, I see, father is saying that I will be condemned by God, right?”

Nalan Zhengze nodded his head. The intense pain and the pain of losing his hands and feet made him not only despair, but he was also full of hatred toward Nalan Feixue.

Not to mention Nalan Hexi who was just an illegitimate daughter, Nalan Feixue was his biological daughter! As a daughter, she dared to kill her father. How could he not be infuriated!? Especially when he was full of hope.

However, Nalan Zhengze never thought that no father would treat his biological daughter so mercilessly too.

Nalan Feixue laughed and said, “Condemnation? Father doesn’t know? I have fallen into the evil path and walked into the abyss of hell. How is there condemnation? The more immoral and injustice I am, the more my strength will increase!”

“Father, I can get what I have today, you have contributed part of it. Tell me how can I repay you?

Nalan Zhengze’s eyes widened in horror. All the hatred turned into fear and despair, his mouth was widened, but he couldn’t say a word anymore.

A few days later, Nalan Feixue rented a carriage and left Yanjing City.

In the large carriage, besides herself, there were 2 black round wooden barrels. The round wooden barrels were stuffed with Nalan Zhengze and Zhu Zhongba.

TL: What next? Can she seek revenge against Nalan Yurong with her power now?


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