The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 897: Long Live Princess
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 897: Long Live Princess

There was also that Moyang Dual Sword which had harvested numerous souls. How frightening was it in the past? Now, it was just left in the corner.

Bai Hu kept taking deep breaths, feeling that his worldview needed to be reshaped and IQ needed to be rewritten.

On the surface, Qing Long was calm, but he had already lost his mind.

They used to think that their master was prodigal. He could simply gift treasure of tens of millions of crystals to Little Egg for fun.

But now, seeing their princess, Qing Long and Bai Hu weren’t so surprised anymore.

That’s right! They were really destined to be together! Compared with princess’ way of squandering, their master was nothing at all.

Qing Luan was the calmest person. She was now in a state of worshiping Hexi unconditionally, so she happily chose the Moyang Dual Sword as Hexi asked her to pick.
Just when the 3 of them came out from the treasure vault in the Water Moon Domain with the magic weapons they chose, they met Wu Yu’s eyes full of grievance.

Before everyone could react, Wu Yu threw himself in front of Hexi and cried, “Wang Hao, how can you be biased. You gave them items, but not me. I’m clearly the most loyal to you.”

Hexi was helpless, “If you want magic weapons, go and pick them yourself. You can pick a few of them as you like.”

Wu Yu immediately shook his head decisively, “No, I don’t want magic weapons; I just want to be princess’ side.”
Only by following the princess can there be good food to eat!

Bai Hu laughed and said, “Wu Yu, you are about to break through to the Nascent Soul stage. In case you break through on the road, you will not be able to move for at least half a month, and you need someone to protect you. Do you want master and princess to guard you by your side? You should stay here obediently and stop insisting!”

Wu Yu suddenly wanted to cry without tears. I would rather choose not to break through than following princess to eat something delicious!

Hexi sighed helplessly. She threw out a storage bag and said, “The food in this bag is enough for you to eat for several months! Get lost now!”

She couldn’t help it, so she gave Little Egg’s reserved food to this annoying guy.

I hope Little Egg will not find out when he returns to the void later, otherwise I will be annoyed to death by him.

Wu Yu took a look at the storage bag, and his Divine Sense felt the smell of food inside. He sucked his saliva and immediately became delightful, “Long live princess! I will definitely stay here to watch the place for princess! Have a safe trip, princess!”

Qing Long and Bai Hu: …Wu Yu, do you still remember who your master is?

Hexi: 🙄~ watch the place? Isn’t that a dog?


Hexi gave them magic weapons, but she herself did not find anything more suitable for her than Li Shui Sword.

Li Shui Sword was enchanted with water and fire attributes, and the spiritual root she now showed in front of people was also a water and fire dual spiritual root, so Li Shui Sword was the most suitable weapon for her.

Of course, there were many magic weapons in Sealed Dragon Domain’s secret library, so she didn’t mind throwing a few more into the void in case she needed them.

But after closing the vault, Hexi couldn’t help but come to the control room of Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory.


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