The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 907: It’s so Warm
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 907: It’s so Warm

This idiot, who dared to grab the whip with his hands, is simply living impatiently.

Her whip itself was refined with thousand years old ice. Combined with her own ice attribute spiritual power, not to mention the consequences of being whipped, even if she touched it lightly, a layer of her skin would be peeled off.
Not to mention, this woman actually dared to hold her whip with bare hands. In a while, her entire hand would freeze into ice and crack.

Ren Xueling was smiling triumphantly, but soon, her smile froze.

After catching the whip, the girl was stunned. She then shook it in her hand, revealing a curious smile on her face.

It was a whip that would make people suffer.

In the hands of this little girl, it looked like a toy. The girl even pulled and snatched the whip in Ren Xueling’s hand.
“This is really fun.” The girl smiled like she was playing with a toy. “It’s so cold and cool, are you throwing it to me as a gift? Then I will accept it, hehe!“

The girl was young and ignorant, but not stupid. Of course, she knew that the fierce woman in red didn’t give her the whip.

But she disliked this woman very much, so she also wanted to make her uncomfortable. It was just right that the whip was cold and fun to play, so she kept it without guilt.

Ren Xueling didn’t expect that the ice whip would be snatched away.

The whip is given by my master, and it took a lot of effort to forge it successfully. It is so majestic to whip it which makes me like it so much. Now… now it is taken away by this bitch!

Ren Xueling suddenly felt anger rushing to her head, causing her to channel the spiritual power in her body desperately. She roared, “Thousands Miles Ice Seal——!!!”

As soon as she said, the icy breath suddenly filled the air.

Everyone only heard the sound of “creaking”, then the temperature in the air dropped rapidly. It was now autumn, but the sky suddenly started to snow.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “My feet, my feet are frozen, help!”

“Mother, I’m so cold, wuu…”

For a time, the originally bustling and colorful streets seemed to be covered with frost. The wailing of everyone was heard one after another.

Thousands Miles Ice Seal quickly spread to Hexi and Nangong Yu, and they heard everyone screaming.

Bai Hu shivered with the cold. He jumped on the spot and shouted, “Master, princess, do you need us to deal with this ice?”

Before Nangong Yu and Hexi could talk, the Little Golden Dragon who was lying on Xiao Chi immediately flew into the sky and said, “Boss, let me do it! I like to deal with ice the most!”

Hexi smiled and nodded.

Little Golden Dragon immediately flew into the sky excitedly, and he spouted flames from his mouth.

The fire spread across the street in an instant, engulfing all the people and shops in it.

Everyone was frightened. If it was just ice, they could still be alive; but if it was fire, how could they escape.

However, the next moment, they were shocked by what happened.

These flames surrounded them didn’t hurt them at all, but they only melted the ice.

A child even reached out his hand to poke at the flame that was rising next to him, and he couldn’t help but smile, “Mother, it’s so warm; it’s not cold at all.”

TL: Does Little Rabbit have some kind of special physique that she is immune to any kind of spiritual power?


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