The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 909: Sneak Attack
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 909: Sneak Attack

Bai Hu approached Hexi and said, “Miss, I didn’t think so when the girl said that she looks like a dumbass, but now when her face is swollen, she really seems like it with her neck shortened.”

“Hahahaha… like a dumbass! Like a dumbass!” Little Egg clapped his paws and laughed, “Sister Tutu is mighty, you are the most handsome beating the dumbass!”

“Little Egg, you are wrong, she is like a dumbass in a red wedding gown, hahaha…”

Because the whole street was silent, the laughter of Little Egg and the others became very noticeable at this time.

The pinky girl looked toward the source of the laughter, then she saw many spiritual pets lining up to cheer for her.

Pink pig, mini dragon, silly cow, and cute little girl… Woah, how come they look so cute, especially the pink pig makes me want to rush over to knead it twice.

The pinky girl’s eyes were bright, and the girl’s heart burst.
Ren Xueling hated her; she hated not only the pinky girl, but also those who dared to laugh at her and even everyone on the street.

Ren Xueling had already made up her mind that when she returned, she would have people kill all these damned peasants, leaving no one to live!

The pinky girl, who has caused me to be so humiliated today and turned me into such a miserable appearance, I must tear her into pieces now.

Thinking of this, Ren Xueling took out an oddly shaped flying knife from her arm.

The color of this flying knife was unobtrusive and mixed-color. There was even some iron-red rust on the knife.

However, this knife was made by her master, the president of the Doctors Association, Lu Xuyang.

Some of the most powerful poisons in the world are mixed into it. After being refined by the spiritual fire, as long as it was injected with spiritual power, it could 100% penetrate the protective shields of martial artists below the Nascent Soul stage.

Once the martial artist’s body was injured by this flying knife, even if it was just a small wound, the toxin would immediately transfer from the flying knife to the martial artist’s body, making him immediately suffer a living hell.

No matter how strange and powerful this pinky girl is, can she even survives the deadly knife made by master?

Ren Xueling sinisterly stared at the back of the pinky girl. Seeing that she turned her head to look at the group of spiritual pets and not paying attention to her, she injected spiritual power into the flying knife and threw it at the pinky girl’s back, “Bitch, just die!!”

The pinky girl turned her head when she heard the sound, then she saw a gray-black flying knife was thrown at her at lightning speed.

She hurriedly reached out to block, but the next moment, she felt a cold force coming from the flying knife.

The pinky girl instinctively felt something wrong. She had a hunch that if she took the flying knife, she would definitely be hurt by the flying knife.

At the critical moment, she leaned back and avoided the throwing knife.

Just when the pinky girl breathed a sigh of relief, Ren Xueling laughed and said, “Bitch, do you think you can escape? The deadly knife will never be retrieved without killing someone!”

Sure enough, the flying knife, that had flown past the pinky girl’s head, immediately spun back.

The speed was actually several times faster than before.

The piny girl could no longer dodge this time, finally showing a look of panic on her face.

Seeing the flying knife pierced her chest, a metallic sound came into her ears.

Immediately afterward, the flying knife seemed to have encountered its nemesis as it stopped in mid-air, making a buzzing sound.

TL: Does Hexi finally decide to intervene? Or is it the senior of Little Rabbit?


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