The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 910: Fairy Zhixi
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 910: Fairy Zhixi

At the same time, green smoke began to emerge from the flying knife. However, as soon as the smoke appeared, it seemed to be swallowed by something.

When the smoke disappeared, the flying knife seemed to have lost all support. It fell to the ground with a crack.
At the same time, there were a few silver needles exuding dark purple smoke falling on the ground.

The pinky girl was in shock, staring blankly at the shattered flying knife and the silver needles on the side, then she suddenly turned her head and looked in the direction of Hexi.

At this time, Hexi had also stepped forward, picked up the silver needles from the ground, and picked up one of the fragments of the flying knife.

“Mister, did… did you save me?” The pink girl stared straight at Hexi’s face. Her face was blushing like a red apple.

Hexi smiled at her, then she said, “I’m only interested in the poison on this flying knife, not intended to save you. You don’t have to thank me.”
The pinky girl didn’t seem to hear her. She just looked at her with hot cheeks, and her eyes were reluctant to look away.

Ren Xueling also suddenly recovered, pointing at Hexi and screaming, “You… you actually ruined my deadly knife! I’m going to kill you——!!!”

With that said, Ren Xueling was about to rush toward Hexi.

But what greeted her was another round of iron fists from the pinky girl.

And this time, the pinky girl exerted 30% more force. Her first punch slammed on Ren Xueling’s stomach, which made her spout a mouthful of blood.

The pinky girl said furiously, “You have not changed after repeated lessons; you’re simply hopeless! Never mind that you sneak attack, but you even want to kill my savior? I… I won’t let you go again this time!!!”

As she said, she clenched her fist again. The seemingly ordinary fist was tinged with a light pink luster.

But Nangong Yu was the only one present to see the layer of luster. He raised his eyebrow and slowly showed a thoughtful look.

The pinky girl’s fist was about to hit Ren Xueling, and Ren Xueling was already trembling with fright.

Suddenly, a cold and pleasant voice came slowly from high above, “Stop!”

A woman wearing a light blue gauze slowly fell from the sky. Her robes were fluttering as she slowly landed in front of Ren Xueling.

The pinky girl had already launched her punch at this time, but she didn’t hit anything. It seemed to be blocked by something in mid air.

There was a pale green wind wall rippling in the air. It was this wind wall that blocked the devastating blow of the pinky girl.

The wind wall receded, and the true face of the woman in green clothes was revealed.

She had long slender eyebrows, clear almond eyes and an oval face with a perfect chin. Her snow white skin, in comparison to Ren Xueling’s black and yellow skin, was crystal clear.

The woman seemed to be in her 20s looked like she should be around 20 years old, but she gave a sense of otherworldly elegance just like the fairy above the nine heavens. People would only admire her when they look at her, but they forget to explore her age.

As soon as Ren Xueling saw this person, she immediately rushed over with a cry, “Senior Sister, save me, wuuu…”

The audience also saw the woman’s face clearly at this time, and they suddenly took a deep breath.

“That… isn’t that Fairy Zhixi? Why would Fairy Zhixi appear here?!”

TL: Will Fairy Zhixi revenge for Ren Xueling? Or is she here to stop the unruly Ren Xueling?
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》