The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 913: Ugly Monster
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 913: Ugly Monster

With this smile, the original handsome face suddenly looked like thousands of pear blossomed. Even the sun above couldn’t be compared with such a gorgeous look. The look could directly make people faint.

The pinky girl who was the closest was even more charmed. She mumbled, “Mister, you really look pretty, even more pretty than the beautiful fairy sister just now!”

As soon as the girl said this, Qing Luan, Bai Hu and others couldn’t help but laughed unceremoniously.

What a funny clown! Although she is telling the truth, haven’t you seen that fairy sister is still there? Is it really good to just tell the truth in front of others?

The onlookers heard the girl’s voice and couldn’t help but cast their gazes on Hexi’s face, and many people took a deep breath.

It was chaotic and thrilling just now, so no one noticed it.

At this moment, the men and women in this party were so gorgeous and charming!

Especially the boy who looked only 16 years old, his face was pretty and elegant; his snowy skin was even more transparent when exposed to the sun. It was a bit more beautiful than the best suet jade.

Although the young girl’s words devalued Fairy Zhixi just now, at this moment, the young man really beat Fairy Zhixi in terms of being pretty.

What was even more surprising is that this boy was already outstanding enough, but the man in black standing next to him was not inferior to him.

Especially many women, just looking at the man in black, their hearts couldn’t help beating fast as if they were about to jump out of their chests.

The handsomeness of the man in black was completely different from that of the young man. It was a kind of manliness and arrogance that exuded a majestic vibe from the inside out. It made people want to kneel under his feet just by just taking 1 look.

Because of the pinky girl’s words and the exclamation of everyone, Lu Zhixi and Ren Xueling also looked over.

When they saw Hexi’s face, Ren Xueling was taken aback. She almost blurted out instantaneously, “Senior Sister, that kid really looks better than you!”

Lu Zhixi frowned slightly. Before she could speak, she listened to Lu Yin said with affirmation, “What’s so proud of a man having such a look!? Hmph, looking at his red lips and white teeth, and the appearance of a coquettish girly look, he isn’t a good thing at first sight. Even dare to compare with our miss!”

Ren Xueling also remembered that this kid had just blocked her throwing knife, so she immediately nodded, “Hmph, don’t let me run into that bitch and this damn kid again, otherwise I will teach them a good lesson!”

Lu Zhixi’s gaze swept across Hexi, and she frowned a little; when she looked at Nangong Yu, she was taken aback.

After a while, she looked away with a hint of trance in her eyes.

“Miss, I think that woman is too arrogant. Why don’t we teach her a lesson to stop talking nonsense.”

Lu Zhixi did not nod or shook her head, but she slowly walked toward Hexi and her party.

When the pinky girl looked back and saw a few people, she immediately looked at Lu Zhixi strangely and said, “Didn’t I already forgive you? Why aren’t you leaving yet? What are you still doing here? I don’t like talking to that ugly monster, you all can go now!”

Even Lu Zhixi was calm, she also couldn’t help but be stunned hearing those words.

Ren Xueling behind her looked even more distorted with anger. She said sharply, “Bitch, if you dare to say ‘ugly monster’ one more time, I’ll take your skin off!”

TL: Why bother apologize if they never learn🤷‍♀️? Is the other fairy going to fight for Nangong Yu again?
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    《The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife》