The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 914: Really Interesting
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 914: Really Interesting

“I’ll just say it! I’ll just say it!” The pinky girl snorted coldly. She took out a big mirror and held it in front of Ren Xueling, “You’re an ugly monster! Ugly monster! Ugly monster! I’m telling the truth. Come and take my skin off if you dare!”

Ren Xueling saw her face in the mirror, and her entire body froze.
In the mirror, the facial features of the person in the mirror were distorted. The face is full of bruises and swelling. The original facial features were somewhat uglier than the original bastard.

“Wa—!” Ren Xueling covered his face and ran away while crying.

“Junior sister apprentice!” Lu Zhixi shouted at her. Seeing Ren Xueling had run far away, she sighed

She looked back at the pinky girl and said, “Girl, as the saying goes, be easy on people. My junior sister apprentice has already been punished. Why should you be overbearing and humiliate her again?”

When the audience heard Lu Zhixi’s words, they also showed a reproach expression to the pinky girl.

The pinky girl had always been a cute little girl who was loved by everyone. At this time, everyone was looking at her with reproach, and she said with a flattened mouth and red eyes, “I’m not overbearing. Master said Little Rabbit is the most behaved… Little Rabbit never does bad things… Wuuu…”

Seeing her red eyes, Lu Zhixi said softly, “Girl, I don’t want to blame you. It’s just that you are still young, so you are still unclear of some reasons. I just don’t want you to go astray…”

“Fairy Zhixi is really interesting. Your junior sister apprentice went astray in the street, hurting the innocent, and sneak attacked. Isn’t this not going astray? Your own junior sister apprentice has gone astray, but you don’t care about it. Instead, you come to teach this little girl who has nothing to do with you?”

The speaker’s voice was clear and moving; the tone was calm, but every word made Fairy Zhixi’s face look a little ugly.

Lu Zhixi looked in the direction of the person who spoke, and Hexi’s beautiful face was reflected in her eyes, making her eyes flicker with a dark light.

The pinky girl was overjoyed when she heard the words. She looked at Hexi with teary eyes; she almost fell into her arms and cried.

Lu Zhixi looked at Hexi for a long while, but she couldn’t help but move her eyes half an inch toward Nangong Yu.

She saw Nangong Yu’s gaze did not leave Hexi for a moment and he had different expressions occasionally. He was also frowning while looking at the pinky girl with caution. It was like nothing could gain his attention.

Lu Zhixi frowned slightly. She thought in her mind: Is this… the rumored Royal Highness King of Hell?

The man who was loved by Feng Lianying, the so-called first peerless genius of the Miluo Continent. Now it seems that he is just an ordinary man.

However, as she thought so, her gaze still couldn’t help but drift to Nangong Yu’s face.

This man has a face that can make any woman fall in love. But it is not enough for a man to be handsome, I’m not as ignorant and stupid as Feng Lianying.

But why does this man not even look at me since the beginning?

A thousand thoughts in Lu Zhixi’s mind happened, but her face was always cold and calm. When she raised her head to meet Hexi’s half-smile cold gaze, she said faintly with a slight smile, “Mister, I didn’t intend to reprimand her by saying that. It was just a kind reminder. Why should mister misunderstand me?

TL: I won’t fall for you 😶, I just look at you because of your handsome face only 👀


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