The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 916: Princess’ Father?
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The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife
Author :Xiang Si Zi
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Chapter 916: Princess’ Father?

As soon as Mo Xiaotu said this, Hexi was dumbfounded; everyone was dumbfounded.

What… what’s this all about!
Bai Hu immediately laughed out loud without holding back.

Luckily, Shen Qingchuo and Gu Liufeng sneaked out to go shopping before the carriage incident. Otherwise, if the 2 girls meet together, wouldn’t the scene be amusing?

Bai Hu had heard that Shen Qingchuo, the beloved daughter of Qingxia Sect, also regarded Hexi as a man at the beginning. She loved Hexi so much to the extent that she followed her to Jin Ling Kingdom Yanjing City for her.

Now that 1 Shen Qingchuo is not enough, another Mo Xiaotu appears unexpectedly; all of whom are fascinated by my princess.

Hahaha, the charm of princess is so great!

Nangong Yu’s face was gloomy. He looked at Mo Xiaotu with cold eyes, and he said coldly, “That sentence, say it again if you dare!”
Mo Xiaotu was taken aback by his gaze. Even her face turned pale. But she immediately recollected herself and said with righteous indignation with clenching her little fist, “I… I just want to marry this mister; I like him. You, who are you? Why are you so fierce to me? Are you the elder brother of mister? Could it be that… you are his father? You… You want to prevent me from being together with mister? Are you, as people said, the bad elder who breaks up the lovers?”

The more Mo Xiaotu said, the more somber and scary Nangong Yu’s face became.

Bai Hu had already covered his mouth and hid behind Qing Long, shaking his shoulders frantically. He took a lot of effort to stop himself from laughing out.

The little girl actually said that master is the father of princess, hahahaha…

Obviously, master seems to be somewhere between youth and juvenile. How is he that old? Hmm, although most people in the cultivation world can’t judge age by looking at their appearance.

But… she actually said that master is the father of princess. Hahaha, it’s so funny!

I must tell this joke to Wu Yu! We can laugh for a year about it!

A cold aura radiated in the room, making Mo Xiaotu tremble.

The man in front of her suddenly released a terrifying aura, giving her the illusion that she would be torn apart in the next moment.

Mo Xiaotu felt that she had only felt such a terrifying aura from her master.

But the next moment, a pair of slender, white hands lightly patted the man’s shoulder.

Hexi smiled lightly, “Nangong Yu, it’s just a young girl talking nonsense. Why do you need to be serious with her?”

Nangong Yu’s eyes sank, and he suddenly he stretched out his hand to hug Hexi into his arms.

Then, without waiting for her to say anything, a hot kiss had completely engulfed her soft lips and her breath.

Hexi was taken aback.

Mo Xiaotu was also stunned. Her big black eyes barely popped out.

Even Bai Hu who was holding back his smile, Qing Long who was smiling slightly, and Qing Luan couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

Even the few little guys, who had just been busy lying on the window watching the excitement, couldn’t help covering their mouth and making noise when they turned around and saw this scene.

The kiss ended after a long time.

The atmosphere in the room was still strangely silent.

Hexi’s face was flushed, and her breath was slightly hurried. After a while, she managed to stabilize her breathing and voice.

When she got back to her senses, she found that everyone was looking at her. She couldn’t help bursting anger as she hammered the man’s chest hard, “Nangong Yu, you are crazy!”

Hahaha, great job Little Rabbit 🤣


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